In the final of the world chess championship between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana is expected to be the tenth duel in a draw. It was just up to the time control will be a exciting encounter. In the end Caruana did not make it in a high-class game, an inaccuracy by Carlsen to take advantage.

To the beginning of the match both players of their loyalty. From the Sveshniko-variation of the Sicilian defence, Carlsen, Caruana to handle on a regular basis with its growers. The Americans fought off the attacks of the world champion, missed it but after two and a half hours, to sacrifice a pawn in order to gain a slight advantage in material.

Up to the time control Carlsen and Caruana delivered a thrilling game at a very high level. In the meantime, Carlsen had only 90 seconds of time for the five remaining trains. “The black attack had a lot of potential, but was also quite slow. We both had a lot of different ways over the course of the game, where it was difficult to keep track of them,” said Caruana, who had played the white pieces.

According to the time control of a Double-rook ending. Thanks to a more active king, Carlsen had optical advantages. Both players had dangerous passed pawns on the field, which resulted in a dynamic equilibrium. Despite an inaccurate Turn by Carlsen, which cost him a pawn, offered Caruana, Carlsen, due to the strongly depleted material on the field after almost five and a half hours to a draw.

“It was just a case of a complicated position in which there were to calculate much. I think I would have been able to play in several Places better,” said Carlsen.

After the second draw it is now 5:5 between the world ranking list leading and his direct pursuers. On Saturday, the eleventh and second-to-last regular duel (live Ticker MIRROR ONLINE) starts from 16 o’clock German time.

it Is also found in the remaining two matches no winner, it comes to a Tiebreak with a shortened season. Here, Carlsen is considered the favourite.