Brie Larson aka Captain Marvel in the super hero Smashers

©Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios, 2019

“Captain Marvel” is the 21. Film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the first that provides a super-heroine at the center. Oscar-winner Brie Larson (29, “space”) plays the eponymous figure, and draws the masses to the cinemas. Such as Disney on Monday announced that it has super heroes firecracker in Germany, the most successful March opening weekend of all time. This is also the most successful cinema release in the year 2019. 639.000 spectators flocked in over 600 cinemas and ensured a turnover of around seven million euros. However, not only in this country, Captain Marvel is at a record rate.

“Captain Marvel” “Wonder Woman”

in the World of the strip has already recorded $ 455 million – what a way to Start! In the U.S. it also went well With box office earnings of $ 153 million it is the third-best March-Start of all time. “Captain Marvel” “Wonder Woman” loosely in the shadows. The DC-strip with a female super-heroine could take up to 2017, at the start of the weekend in the United States about 103 million dollars – this is the Marvel movie hits $ 50 million. Overall, Wonder Woman has taken “” in the world, over 820 million dollars – whether it’s “Captain Marvel” crack?

In the list of the world’s best theatrical releases, Captain Marvel pushes “” according to “Box Office Mojo” six – for example, “Star Wars: The last Jedi” and “Black Panther”. On the One enthroned there, “Avengers: Infinity War”, with over 640 million dollars.

“Captain Marvel” tells the story of how Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), her powers came. It also explained why she is not entered in the previous “Avengers”movies. Two Post-Credit scenes, then the arc, “Avengers: the Endgame”, the on 25. April comes out in theaters.