Apple will soon into the Streaming business

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enter For some time the rumors that Apple wants to bring very soon have its own movie and TV shows Streaming platform. In March, it could be now, finally, to the extent that, the company unveiled its in-house competitor to Amazon Prime, Netflix and other providers. The matching American media reports.

Jennifer Aniston could Service imagine

Apple have several celebrities on an Event on may 25. March invited on the new Video Service is to be revealed, reports “Bloomberg”, citing multiple Insider. The Hollywood Stars Jennifer Aniston (50, “Friends”), Reese Witherspoon (42), Jennifer Garner (46), and a Director and producer J. J. Abrams (52). Several anonymous sources have confirmed this to be the industry magazine “The Hollywood Reporter”. Witherspoon and Aniston are the Stars of a new specially designed for Apple-produced series, which revolves around the world of the American Breakfast television.

The Streaming Service is supposed to go according to “Bloomberg”, however, is not expected to immediately, but until the summer of 2019, at the Start. In addition, the idea of a Premium news Service is planned for March. It also States that iPhone, iPad or Apple TV should be able to access the owner then presumably some of the content is also free of charge. In addition, it should be possible for a charge to additional content from other providers, for example, the US channel “Starz”, to access.