Sandra Bullock goes in the “Bird Box” with the two children on a dangerous Odyssey

©Saeed Adyani / Netflix

Netflix at the end of last year, celebrated with the Film “Bird Box – Close your eyes” a great success. The main role of Malorie Hayes, played by Hollywood Star Sandra Bullock (54). Perhaps the TV viewers too soon on a sequel to the horror Thriller. The author of the original book, Josh Malerman (43), has now written a Sequel with the name “Malorie”.

It had been the unanswered questions of the “Bird Box”, which would have induced him to write a sequel to, the author explained in an Interview with “Esquire”. The new story will play consequently, eight years after the Original. Paradise will not be able to find his main characters in “Malorie” again, betrayed Malerman. And even if many Fans wanted to know more about the two children, he focuses on Malories history: He did want to know about them. “I wanted to meet you simply to know better,” says the writer about his character. The new book should appear in October in the United States.

warning, Spoiler!

In the Netflix Thriller “Bird Box” to be driven the people from a dark Power in the death, if you wear no blindfold. A small group barricaded in a house. As you know from a place of refuge, Malorie with two children on the way. Warning, Spoiler: A dangerous Odyssey begins, at the end of the Film a Happy ending. The original book by Malerman, however, has a darker output.

In an interview with the US computer games website “Polyglon” said Director Susanne bier (58): “The Film differs in many aspects from the book.” You would want to make any “apocalyptic” Film, which have no “hope end”, said beer. “All I did so far, has in any way a hopeful end. I have no particular interest in that the audience is left with a totally bleak view. I believe not really.”