New episodes of the Comedy series “Pastewka”


replenishment for all Fans of Bastian Pastewka (46): The Comedian returns on the 25. January 2019 with ten new episodes of its hit series “Pastewka” in Amazon’s Streaming Service Prime Video. It is the ninth season of the multiple award-winning Comedy series.

almost exactly a year Ago Pastewka “celebrated” four years to make a Comeback in Prime Video break. The new episodes start right where the last season had ended in the middle of the Chaos.

This is what happens in the new episodes

After his birth, help for Baby Mafalda is still the darling of the Nation, for Bastian again, dick: Ex-girlfriend Anne refused stubbornly Bastian’s approach, try the hotel costs for the New Singles have to eat, the Saved and except Charity Dinner with Anke Engelke and abstruse, Hugo-Egon Balder Shows for the formerly most popular comedian in Germany to do nothing. Bastian needs a task. And comes in the Form of a series of supply: Bastian, the main is to take part in a new doctor series. As the is calculated is rotated in the workplace by Anne, Bastian immediately.

These Stars are at it again

Also in the new episodes there is a reunion with the tribe Ensemble. In addition to Pastewka Sonsee Neu (45, “Wilsberg Shine again”) as his Ex-girlfriend, Anne, Matthias Matschke (50, “Professor T.”) as Bastian’s half-brother Hagen, Bettina Lamprecht (41, “Betty’s diagnosis”) as the unloved neighbor, and sister-in-law Svenja Bruck, Cristina do Rego (32, “crooks”) as Hagen’s daughter, Kim, Dietrich Hollinderbäumer (76, “today show”) as Volker Pastewka and Sabine Vitua (57, “a woman’s heart”) as Bastian’s Manager Regine Holl.