“crime scene: The hellish Heinz” with mandrel (Nora Tschirner) and Lessing (Christian Ulmen)

©MDR/Wiedemann&Berg/Anke Neugebauer

To kick off the new Sunday Thriller of the year, it is the same today 1. January 2019 with the “crime scene: The hellish Heinz” is a go. Starting at 20:15 the Commissioner determined to see few of the mandrel and Lessing with a child in the First. The actors Nora Tschirner and Christian Ulmen provide for the usual entertaining Start. It then continues on Sunday, may 6. January, with the crime of “More, always more” from Cologne. However, this crime of the year, has much more to offer.

The Tripple from Münster

replaced The Fans of the popular “Tatort”-Teams of Thiel and Boerne, had last year bravely, because crime Commissioner Frank Thiel (Axel Prahl) and forensic pathologist, Prof. Dr. Dr. Karl-Friedrich Boerne (Jan Josef Liefers) main is actually just a case. “Snake pit” flickered in the month of may, the screens. This year there are a whopping three issues with the Münster. So far, so good. But there are also departures from the “crime scene”-the universe.

farewell to “Lürsen and Stedefreund”

The last case of the Bremen commissioners Inga Lürsen (Sabine Postel) and Nils Stedefreund (Oliver Mommsen) is broadcast in 2019. “Our last crime takes connection to another ‘scene’ that we have turned very much earlier time,” said Mommsen, the news Agency spot on news in the fall of 2018 at least. What kind of crime it is, could not say the actor. Only so much: “The relationship between Stedefreund and Lürsen is put to a crucial test. It is hard and difficult and there are some of the body in the basement…” Sabine Postel was since 1997, Mommsen since 2001.

farewell to “Flückiger and Ritschard”

Also see for the last Time, the often unjustly much-criticized Swiss “crime scene”Team of investigators Flückiger and Ritschard. Stefan Gubser has played its Commissioner for the first Time in the year 2008, at that time in a Constance-crime with Blum (Eva Mattes) and Perlmann (Sebastian Bezzel). Delia Mayer a rose 2012. When exactly is your last case is not yet known.

farewell to “Stellbrink and Marx”

And also by Stellbrink and Marx in Saarbrücken, it is time to say goodbye. The two commissioners identified since the beginning of 2013. Devid Striesow and Elisabeth bridge are already on the 27. January go for the last Time in Sunday’s Thriller, on the hunt for criminals. Then you have to solve the murder of a student nurse in a residential home…

Welcome, Cornelia Gröschel!

there But there are also new additions. So Cornelia Gröschel celebrates her debut in Dresden. Most recently, she was seen in the two – parter “Aenne Burda-The economic miracle woman” as a permanent mistress of the publisher. In 2017, she convinced in the GDR-two-parter “honey women”. At the beginning of November, she posted a photo of your “last day of shooting for my first Dresden, the scene of the crime!” on your Instagram page. And so much can be revealed: it remains, because the Post went as follows: “In a week there will be more with the second!”

In your first case, a serial killer escapes and as a Commissioner Karin miner (Karin Hanczewski) is violated in the case of the use of hard needs to take the new Mrs Leonie Winkler (Gröschel) immediately. What time is the psychological Thriller “scene of the crime: The Nest” is broadcast, is not yet clear. The same applies for the second crime “scene of the crime: Nemesis”.

Welcome, Verena Altenberger!

Also, at BR-“Polizeiruf” there is a new face. On inspector Hanns von Meuffels (Matthias Brandt) 2019 Verena Altenberger as the new chief Commissioner. The award-winning Austrian actress will in the future identify as the main Commissioner Elizabeth Eyckhoff in the Bavarian capital.

According to the melancholy, brooding chief inspector Hanns von Meuffels is the successor embodied the opposite type. As it says in the description of the figures on the New one, she was “always the last to parties” and grab “after a few Beers, like to the microphone to sing your favorite songs”. The Brandt played investigator was a loner, so Eyckhoff applies to Elizabeth: “collegiality is more important to her than a solo career.” You may be curious…

been added is The penalty

Charlotte Lindholm (Maria Furtwängler) after their last use, took them from the state office of criminal investigation in Hanover to the police Directorate Göttingen criminal. In addition to the new application, it has to 2019, but also a new colleague: Anais Schmitz is played by the German prize from the Florence Kasumba. But that’s not enough: In the coroner Nick Schmitz, played by high-Flyer Daniel Donskoy, you will also find a new love…


A very special Surprise waiting in addition to the Sunday mystery Fans. As on-the-spot news from well-informed circles, we give it to a reunion with a former Commissioner. Although it is only a one-off Comeback, and no Investigators, and pleasing, but it is certainly…