The problems of Alcoholism

Alcohol has been being brewed and consumed by humans for 10,000 years now. Alcoholism is one of our society’s ongoing issue throughout the whole world known to mankind. Alcohol is legal and can help deal with various types of stress and anxiety. Although it can help with those symptoms, alcohol if consumed enough is really bad on the human body and can even lead to death.

“Drinking responsibly” has been the major quote big alcohol companies, but in reality, over 18 million Americans suffer from Alcohol Use Disorder, (AUD). The average American after an 8 hour day of work will go home and have at least 1 alcoholic beverage, but when it starts turning into abuse with the consumption of can turn into binge drinking and can severely be detrimental to someone’s day to day life. When someone is addicted to alcohol it can drastically cause serious problems around work, home or school.

Now as alcohol is becoming an ongoing problem in today’s society there are some alternative ways to deal with AUD in such ways that the addict will feel uncomfortable at first, in the end, going to alcoholics anonymous, support groups and of course rehabilitation centers. Someone dealing with AUD can overcome the disorder it just takes a lot of will power and discipline, with that being said the risk of relapsing or in other words “just having one drink” is very easy to do. When the addict’s only train of thought is alcohol that is when they know they have the disorder. This disorder is many cases is not diagnosed by a doctor, but diagnosed themselves or by their loved ones depending on the situation.

Around the United States at 88,000 people die every year due to alcohol-related issues, which makes alcohol one of the leading preventable cause of deaths in the United States alone. The fact of the matter is AUD is known to become a problem with college students. With the legal age limit of drinking in the United States is 21, over 80 percent of adults 18 or higher have reported their use of alcohol at least once in their lifetime. A family that would have an addict dealing with AUD may deal with economic loss, possibly begin physical altercations which can turn into violence and also ignore their child’s needs whatever those may be, households around America more than 10 percent of children live with a parent with ongoing alcohol-related issues as well.


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