well-Known series, many movies and a few in-house productions: That was a long time the recipe for success of Netflix. The Streaming service was virtually alone, increased the effect. But times have changed. Netflix relies more and more on self-developed content instead of expensive licenses. And is now forced to pay almost 100 million dollars – just to be able to for a year, the audience favorite “Friends” show. The Deal shows Netflix’ most difficult balancing act.

Because the battle for the customers is always harder to fear since Netflix real competitors like Amazon Prime. To bind the customers to the Streaming services such as TV channels, more and more on self-developed content. This has three advantages: firstly, one has exclusive content only available with this provider. For the second you invest money only once, instead of as in the case of licences to pay. And protects last but not least, it before, what happened now “Friends”: The content of the license-holders of the platform.


The Christmas season Netflix goes to the Berlin underworld,

The escape of the contents of

leaving Actually, “Friends should” as part of a new service of the home station NBC with Netflix. Only after a bidding war with other competitors was able to secure Netflix, the most successful Comedy series of all time for 100 million for another year of exclusive. Then, the transmitter considers the series from the end of 2019 just the same time with Netflix. The for Netflix so important exclusivity would be gone.

Similar is likely to threaten in the next few years much more frequently. In addition to the large Disney makes planning a lot of TV channels, a private service, instead of the lend content to the Streaming competition. It is not always the actual success of the service. To license just the credible threat of popular TV shows or content that produces a massive pound in the negotiations. The next superlative is expected for the American “Stromberg”-variant of “The Office”, according to insiders, the most streamed series on Netflix.

The real Meltdown, however, comes in the next year. At the end of the year, Disney will launch its own service, the consequences for Netflix, however, are already known. “Antman and the Wasp” will be the last Marvel movie, comes to Netflix, “Star Wars” and, of course, all Disney and Pixar movies will be nowhere to be seen anymore.


“stop crying” – This is what happens when the network thinks Netflix “Friends” from the program

Netflix is in need of “Friends”

For Netflix, this is a real Problem, because the range of the service lives from the mix of new and familiar content. Of course not “first of all, quit hardly any customer service, just because there are there to see The lion king”. In the long run the perception will suffer, but probably including. So Netflix is trying to score points with high-quality series like “House of Cards” or “Dare Devil”, the splendor of the old brands, such as Disney – or “Friends” you will not be able, in the medium term. If more and more of the old content to land somewhere else, could call the customer at some point. After all, no one will book dozens of subscriptions for Streaming services. Sweet Spot three services are generally.

At duration, could be because of Netflix but quite good. Series such as “Friends,” “Grey’s Anatomy” or “Gilmore Girls” to live, especially from the nostalgia factor of the Fans who grew up with them – as they were still on TV. The now generations no longer watch TV. And maybe just Netflix series as a nostalgia-program to run. And then at Disney.