Günther Jauch with his candidates in the new year’s eve edition of “Who wants to be a millionaire?”

©MG RTL D / Frank Hempel

International new year’s eve customs, international candidates, and a hilarious anecdote about Quizmaster Günther Jauch (62): The new year’s eve Special of the RTL-Show “Who wants to be a millionaire?” had to offer on Friday evening.

Eight candidates with different Migration backgrounds had RTL for the new year’s eve-special issue invited Bayat: Mai Anh-Konanc, Jakub Slodowicz, Dagmar Salecic-Reichold, Alejandra Beltran Cuevas, Mazdak Saberi, Lori’s cousin, Anastasia Golz and Omid. On the chair Mazdak Saberi and Omid made it, finally, Bayat.

Günther Jauch “break-in”

A candidate, and would have had a RTL is apparently happy to be in the Show, could not participate due to her age. Instead, the 94-year-old Miriam flowers sent to rich-Fiegel from Israel a video message to the “Who wants to be a millionaire?”-Studio. As a big Fan, you followed the shipment regularly and Günther Jauch wrote earlier, even letters.

In the past year, the presenter visited her, therefore, in the context of a trip to Israel. In this detour, there was a funny scene Because he had decided spontaneously and without notice in the case of Flowers-Fiegel stop by, he had stood then, in front of a closed gate. That’s why he had climbed unceremoniously over the fence.

Through the window of the 94-Year-old had called, who was in her garden. “As I said, here is Günther Jauch, but she didn’t believe it, of course. Then I broke practically in your apartment,” remembered the presenter with a smile.

rates, “pop the Cork”

Also, RTL was happy about “quotas, let the Corks pop”: an Average of 3.96 million viewers aged three years (market share of 13.4 percent) have the special broadcast of “Who wants to be a millionaire? – The new year’s eve Special” on RTL. Good for 12.8 per cent of 14 – to 59-Year-old (1,88 million) was able to lure Günther Jauch with his Quiz show in front of the TV screens.

Who won how much?

The 53-year-old former Schornsteinfegerin Doris played the full commercialization of Sehnde as a candidate from the Christmas show and won 125,000 euros. We went with the 25-year-old business management Student Mazdak Saberi from Lüneburg, he was able to take of 16,000 Euro. Omid Bayat (33, owner of a Low-Carb-Restaurants), from Berlin, left the Show, finally, with 8,000 Euro.