Mercedes AMG has already been changed with the new GT Turbo, the iconic sports car from Porsche, the 911, was the last Facelift on it. Only the R8 and its luxurious, technology-twin, the Lamborghini Huracan, on ten free suction pots on the go.

Audi R8: Straight-line power delivery

And this is beautiful! Because it still applies: Nothing sounds better than a vacuum and no other engine has such a nice linear power delivery. Although turbos and other technical tweaks, the turbo hole, so the short commemorative milliseconds unfolds until the engine is finally in full force, thanks to Twin, pretty shrunk. But still there. And the Sound may sound through direct lines to the Cockpit, although similar to a real sucker. But it is as if you followed a concert from the nearby hills and not in the Arena.

+ of The new Audi R 8.© Audi

But back to the new Audi R8, the rolls as a Facelift from the new year to the Fans. The pleasure is not cheap, and starts beyond 166.000 Euro. But for this you get a pure-bred sports car that is from the components to 50 per cent, with the real race car, the R8 LMS GT3, the same.

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Audi R8: In 3.4 seconds from 0 to 100

For example, the 5.2-Liter ten-cylinder catapults the 4,43 meters long, 1,6-Tonner in a lightning-like 3.4 seconds from 0 to 100. In the base version! Because the R8 comes in two engine options.

+ © Audi

With 570 HP (30 HP more than the predecessor) and 560 Nm of torque. Or as the R8 V10 performance quattro with 620 HP and 580 Nm of torque. Is a blink of an eye or faster in 3.1 seconds with a speed of 100. The convertibles, the Spyder called, approve each 0.1 seconds more. For speed Freaks, the last position of the speedometer needle, it should be mentioned: it stays at 324 kilometers an hour, respectively, at a speed of 331.

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in addition to the increase in performance was voted the new Audi R8 also suspension and steering. For both the racetrack as well as in everyday life, the new dynamics, we recommend operating the steering. She works directly and with full Servo-assistance in the city. On the Track there is a permanent exchange with the ESC stability control. Small, unnoticed steering intervention to reduce the Over – and under-steer. In plain text: never Direct was so convenient, accurate, fast, and safe as in the new R8. To recognize

+ © Audi

by the way, in a few, but very distinctive characteristics. The grille is wider and flatter, the chrome frame (Design)history and the three air vents between grille and bonnet to lean on the look of the bike. As well as the diffuser at the rear, is moved upward, and the Honeycomb-look held air outlet grille of the engine compartment, which now runs across the full width.

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The exhaust system with elliptical tips. And with an apocalyptic Sound. Which brings us back to the sucker. The typical sound of the Trumpet of the R8 are not only music to the ears of his Fans, but also the perfect orchestration for a long Ride on the race track. You should be able to afford the R8 driver and also treat yourself. As this flounder glides over the Track, is cultivated and breathtaking at the same time.

+ © Audi

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Rudolf Bögel