Sandra Bullock embarks with the two children on a dangerous Odyssey

©Saeed Adyani / Netflix

In the new Netflix Thriller “Bird Box” to be driven the people from a dark Power in the death, if you wear no blindfold. The book on which the Film is based, but has a completely different output. Director Susanne bier (58, “In a better world”) has now betrayed the reason why you decided for this Change.

warning, the following passages contain spoilers for the Netflix Thriller “Bird Box” and the novel of Josh Malerman. Who wants to be a surprise should not read on!

For better understanding: A small group of people holed up in front of the dark Power in a house. As you know from a place of refuge, a woman (Sandra Bullock) with two children on the way. A dangerous Odyssey that begins at the end of the Film a Happy ending. The woman and her two children reached the sanctuary, all are happy and not wear blindfolds.

In the book “Bird Box – Close your eyes” by author Josh Malerman (43) the matter looks quite different: As the woman and the two children arrive there, they encounter the Survivors, but all of the wear continue eye. So there is no resolution and no hope.

“I really don’t think”

In an interview with the US computer games website “Polyglon” right finished beer its decision: “The Film differs in many aspects from the book,” the Oscar-winner. You would want to make any “apocalyptic” Film, which have no “hope end”, said beer. “All I did so far, has in any way a hopeful end. I have no particular interest in that the audience is left with a totally bleak view. I don’t really believe”.