Evelyn Burdecki and Bastian Yotta on your arrival in Frankfurt


she went as a naive blonde into the Australian under-wood, since today, Evelyn Burdecki (30), as the newly crowned jungle Queen back to home soil under the mules. Because in the German cold little suitable, because it is very airy Outfit Burdecki is the subjects in the circles of your Wilderness at the airport in Frankfurt landed. Bastian Yotta (42) took advantage of this opportunity, once again, with the winner of the 13. The output of the “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!” pose.

In your current Instagram Story shows Burdecki, such as the return to Germany is lost. With “GZSZ”actor Felix van Deventer (22) is on Board to Serenade sung before it determines that it is in this country, in fact, still rather cold: “It’s not snow, I think it is. We have snow in January and I am still on the mountain.” The happier she was about the warm reception that her Fans have prepared for and because of you as one of the “Backstreet Boys” have felt.

Domenico de Cicco re-unites with his girlfriend

Also Domenico de Cicco (35) arrived on Tuesday morning in Frankfurt. He fondled prompt his friend Julia in front of the eyes of numerous photographers and was also not take, via Instagram to share the Story of his return. “What is going on here, is not normal. Camera crews, photographers…” As his Ex-flame, Evelyn, he is most surprised by the fact that in the Winter of Winter: “Germany is very cold, people.”

at home waiting for him then a shield with the inscription “My king of the jungle” and a note with the words “stone”. The love of his girlfriend seems to be Domenico also after the Back and Forth in the jungle, with Ex-girlfriend Evelyn for sure.