Elyas M’barek as a lawyer, Caspar Leinen, in “The fall Collini”

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usually, Elyas M’barek (36, “Fack ju Göhte”) to see more of in films, which can be described often as a lighter cinema fare. 18. April will be able to experience cinema-goers the popular actor in a serious role on the big wine country. In the film adaptation of Ferdinand committed by Schirach (55) best-selling “The case Collini” plays M’barek linen the lawyer Caspar. The Drama raises, among other things, the question of what drives a man to a murder that was never something wrong. Now the first extended Trailer was released.

in addition to M’barek can be seen in the new Drama, among other things, a number of other Stars, including Alexandra Maria Lara (40), Franco Nero (77), Heiner Lauterbach (65) and Manfred Zapatka (76). Directed by Marco kreuzpaintner (41), was, among other things, for the Preußler film “Krabat” and the series “the Beat”.

What is it about?

attorney-lines (M’barek), is the public defender of Fabrizio Collini (Nero). Apparently, for no reason, the Italians killed a man. It is the first major case for the criminal defense attorney, but the victim is the grandfather of a cloth puppy love Johanna (Lara). The killed was major industrial as a surrogate father for the lawyer. However, linen has struck a huge legal scandal.