Some of the participants in the first training week of the “Let’s Dance” injured

©TVNOW / Gregorowius

First, Jan Hartmann (38), Oliver Pocher (41) and recently also Nazan Eckes (42): Last Friday Let’s Dance “started” in the twelfth season, and some of the Stars of the RTL-Show, fought with injuries. In the first episode all the celebrity were assigned to participants, a professional dancer and started with the first proper dance training is not without consequences.

Jan Hartmann injured the toe

Even if Jan Hartmann shows voted permanently positive on Social Media, daily Training, apparently, not without a trace of the actor in the past. A few days ago, he announced on Instagram that he hurt himself in a Dance to the toe: “I think Renata has made a bit of a Worry, because my toe is broken. It is not your fault, it’s the shoes,” he said of his dance partner Renata Lusin, in his Instagram Story.

It is also the one or other Post from the Physio-therapists of his confidence: “it was really good. Now I can write with loose legs back into full Training,” Hartmann later. Currently, the Training seems to be going well, as his dance partner, self-confirmed on Social Media. The two are now dancing to “Breathe Easy” by Blue a Viennese waltz.

Nasty fall at Oliver Pocher

Oliver Pocher ventures this year to “Let’s Dance”. The comedian has caught in Training, but his dance partner, Christina air injured. Such as RTL reported, lost Pocher in the case of a rotation of the holder and fell directly on the dancer. Despite a tailbone injury, she was able to get up after only a short period of time again – a blessing in disguise.

For air, it is not the first violation in the dance Show. Two years ago you broke in an accident after a Lift with her Partner Giovanni Zarrella (41) the foot and had to leave the Show. Tonight, the Couple swings the hips to “Phenomenal” by Pietro Lombardi (26), and performed a Salsa.

Nazan Eckes with a huge bump

“survive Since I have a week of dance training with Mr Polanc and today in the Studio samples we are crazy together nicely,” said the TV presenter Nazan Eckes in your Instagram Story last Thursday. With a red bandage around the forehead there she will present the outcome of their dance-accident – a huge bump on the forehead.

But the 42-Year-old is not out of the upset, and is looking forward to today’s Show. Together with professional dancer Christian Polanc will bring you to “How Deep Is Your Love” by Calvin Harris is a Cha-Cha-Cha on the dance floor.