“For heaven’s sake”, 1. A result of “Dark clouds”: Rita bird (Anja Schüte, R) plans with the help of sister Hanna (Janina Hartwig, l.), the perfect wedding for her son, but mayor woeller (Fritz Wepper) wants to start the rehearsal cocks

©ARD/Barbara Bauriedl

The new season of the hit series “Um Himmels Willen” (2002), today (26.3., At 20:15, the First) with new episodes. The spectators are expected to kick off in the now 18. Season.


sister Hanna (Janina Hartwig, 57) and the nuns of the Magdalene order is stuck in the last preparations to shop for your own monastery, as a flash of lightning to the monastery strikes. Thus, only the dream of opening their own Shop will not become a distant memory. Expensive renovations are necessary, which can not afford to pay for the order. Quickly sister Hanna suspected that mayor Wolfgang woeller (Fritz Wepper, 77) is behind the extremely cost-intensive requirements of the building authorities. Because it is under enormous pressure.

a new district and municipal reform, the merger with the neighbouring village of Auingen threatens cold contained. The question of who will be the next mayor – Wolfgang woeller, or his competitor, Hubert Ederer (Jürgen Tonkel, 56)? Messe Frankfurt does everything to ensure that cold contained has in this race by a nose. In the cards to be re-discovered and long forgotten bunker plays him here, under the monastery forest. He promptly developed a new, lucrative business idea.

In times of radical climate change, there is certainly a great affluent clientele that want to escape the impending end of the world in a luxury Bunker. So why not such a facility in the cold contained build? Supported by a real estate agent Jenny Winter (Barbara Wussow, 57) woeller everything in our power to bring the monastery back in the hands of the municipality…

reunion with Anja Schüte

In the first episode of the new season, “Dark clouds” (26.3.) there is a reunion with the Hamburg actress Anja Schüte (54, “in spite of the head”, “The Wicherts next door”). She plays Rita bird, who wants to plan for her son, Nick bird (Frederik Götz, 30), and his fiancee, Jessy Rainer (Anna Platen, 24), the perfect wedding. Sister Hanna and the mayor of Messe Frankfurt are at the rehearsal in the chapel of the monastery. However, woeller wants to Auingen to the final of the fishing tournament between the cold contained and the unloved village. Rita bird sits woeller, however, with reference to their influence in the party under pressure.

The bride, however, has a much bigger Problem, because your bride-to-be leader, Robert Felbers (Thomas Huber, 55), the uncle of her fiance, she realizes an earlier and at that time, pushy customers of the Escort Services, the Jessy Rainer worked. She wants to leave the rehearsal at the latest. Because, as your groom will react when he learns of her past? For sister Hanna only for the immediate debate of the two is out of the question. But a violent storm thwarted their Plan – and not just your…