Bastian Yotta and Doreen Dietel in the jungle camp

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“I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here! The aftermath” it was on Sunday evening – was joined in the RTL TV-Show again? A few minor taunts, the jungle camp-Stars gave way during the broadcast of Daniel HART (40) and Sonja Zietlow (50) not elicit a lot more, or how Bastian Yotta (42) said: “Everything Negative to stay in the jungle, then we will grow.”

the jungle Queen Evelyn Burdecki (30) got the impolite of your Ex-friend, Domenico de Cicco (35). She was indignant (“I can see for the first Time how nasty he is”), has forgiven him. Domenico, however, was horrified of himself, as the scenes were shown. “I was honestly shit, I want to say,” he said self-critically.

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Yotta power to Yoda, and Leila shows up without: the jungle stars

As it is Yotta, and the curry sausage man present?

The brawlers Yotta and curry sausage man Chris Töpperwien (44) are also good, despite threats by the camp fire: “The hatchet is buried, it is in Australia.” On a low flame, the dispute köchelte more, however, on Instagram, as a presenter Sonja Zietlow commented slyly.

Doreen Dietel mad about Yottas hotel video

not at All pleasing Doreen Dietel (44) also found that Yotta has shot a cell phone Video in her Versace hotel in Australia. He got from the front Desk, the key for a wrong room and this is to be documented, defended to the on Sonja Zietlows demand. Taking pictures of your case were not probably so bad in the jungle, you’ve seen it also very intimate. Doreen Dietel left the do not apply: “You have me, the Video is shown with my under pants. In the hotel room, I’m private, because I can’t find any coal for it.”

In the jungle GZSZ “Star Felix van Deventer (22) had betrayed”also, that his girlfriend is expecting a Baby. This revelation didn’t knew, in the end, a sequel in the “IBES-the aftermath”: The father-in-law up to this evening, apparently, whether he will get a son or a daughter. A pink baby cake it betrayed him now: It will be a daughter!

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