The CDU wants to avoid, in the national implementation of the European copyright reform on the use of controversial upload filter.

On the Right and digital politicians of the party have agreed on the Initiative of the Secretary General, Paul Ziemiak. As a principle, therefore, in the future, the rule will be applied to Pay: “instead of Block.” With the understanding, the CDU wants to dispel fears, with the use of upload filtering, censorship, or the end of a free Internet is threatening. Also from his own party, young, the young Union, there had been sharp criticism.

in 2016, the EU Commission proposed Reform to the law of copyright to the Internet age adapt. The controversial article 13, to take on commercial platforms such as Youtube, the copyright more. Users uploaded Material such as Videos should be reviewed in this context. This is the view of the critics only Upload-Filter, the check is already in the Upload, whether images, Videos or music are protected by copyright.

the agreement reached by The CDU-expert provides that in principle, all content can be uploaded. Below a time limit of Uploads from license fees should be free. About the respective platform for works protected by copyright, a digital fingerprint should have an identification of the author -, to acquire licenses. This will be the normal case, it said in the CDU.

Alternatively, the rights holder could do without, but also to his rights, or the deletion request. In addition, a legally compulsory blanket license applies. In order for any copyright to have the opportunity to receive for his work remuneration, was emphasized in the CDU.

By the lump-sum license agreement with the national implementation of the European compromise, the individual’s duty to Review accounts for platforms on violations of the copyright law before an Upload, in accordance with article 13. There is also the need to route the case to filter the Uploads and the danger to block too much. Private users will be exempt in any case from liability for copyright infringement in the case of Uploads. Thus, there is a fair balance between the interests of users, creators and platforms. Legally, the model of the blanket license represents a barrier to the copyright, it was said in the party.

negotiators of the European Parliament and the EU member States had agreed in mid-February on a text of the law. The use of Upload is not required to Filter explicitly, critics fear, however, that platforms are able to meet the requirements, this is the only way. The CDU, CSU and SPD oppose the mandatory use of such filters in the coalition agreement as disproportionate, the government approved the Reform a compromise on the European level.

in Front of the German Parliament of the Junge Union on Saturday in Berlin, the Chairman candidate Stefan Gruhner had criticized the Union tips for your consent to the copyright reform focus. “The Union must rethink their Position on you, so you in the European elections, young voters are running in droves,” he said of the “Rheinische Post” (Saturday). “Upload-Filter are the nail in the coffin for a digital Europe.” For the Jew is a giant topic. “The Junge Union is in an uproar,” said the Thuringian CDU member of Parliament.

The JU wants to choose this Saturday for a successor for its former Chairman Ziemiak, could not exercise the Post of CDU General Secretary. Gruhner compete in a battle candidacy against the lower Saxony JU-chief Tilman Kuban.