Helene Fischer with her dancers during the “Helene Fischer Show” in the year 2018

©Michael Zargarinejad/ZDF

On the 19. December 2018, have announced Schlager Queen Helene Fischer (34, “heart quake”) and Moderator Florian silver iron (37) their separation official. It is hardly surprising then, that on the first Christmas holiday with voltage “The Helene Fischer Show” was expected in the TV. Because during the recording of the annual ZDF-Show at the beginning of December, was separated the Couple, apparently, already. In the network there is but only comments to love, it is cheerful blasphemed and also the celebrities are part of the mix.

Tweets for the separation

Although Florian silver iron was not seen in the Show, he is on the net everywhere. A Fan tweeted melancholy: “Helene talks about her Beziehungsaus. […] My Heart? Broken. #Helene Fischer show”. Another viewer asked: “What makes it thriving now? Roller coaster ride? On the highway with the 300 drive? In ripped Jeans to the houses? #Helene Fischer show”.

with the swings But also a little bit of malice, as is the case with this Twitter User: “Florian sits on the Couch and considered to be Helene Tattoo. #Helene Fischer show”. And this viewer noted: “The Relationship with Olaf Schubert after separation from the silver iron. Exactly my sense of Humor. #Helene Fischer show”. The two have re-enacted on the stage of a Date in a Restaurant, on the relationship problems of Comedian Olaf Schubert (51) have spoken, and in their conversation again and again, matching passages from love songs.

towards the end of the number Helene Fischer from the song sings “I love life” by Vicky Leandros (66) the lines: “no. Care you not about me. You know, I love life. And I cry sometimes to You. It will pass, surely.” A hidden message to your Fans? This Twitter User saw the Whole of something critical: “Mocks Helene just the silver iron? #Helene Fischer show”. In the case of perfect separation of the former dream couple, this seems almost unthinkable.

side swipes against Michelle and Helene self

But it is not only the love of Helene Fischer, the viewers in the network employees. After the appearance of fishing with pop singer Michelle (46) he asked Twitter users: “What happened with Michelle? Thought Gina Lisa sings now… #Helene Fischer show”. To be a little clearer this viewer tweeted: “Even in my light chain is less plastic than in the face of Michelle #Helene Fischer show”. And a Fan appealed to the fishermen: “dear Helene ! Do that to Your face never things that Michelle has added to the your. Please ! Never ! #Helene Fischer show”.

That it rotates in the “Helene Fischer Show” mainly to the singer, should actually be no Surprise. Nevertheless, this viewer tweeted: “How she manages it, really, in every single Performance to occur, and if it is still so pointless. […] #Helene Fischer show”. The singer himself these Twitter-users: “each “from the bottom of my heart,” let’s have a drink of liquor #Helene Fischer show”. Your Outfit is not met with enthusiasm: “as much as Helene Fischer has moved, I have not moved me throughout the year. #Helene Fischer show”.

What celebrities looked?

The Show-spectacle was the satirist Jan böhmermann (37) not to be missed, as he announced via Twitter. For him, the “best”, among other things, Helene Fischer acrobatics were number two dinosaurs, “why you can?” Bohemian man asked. As well as the appearance of Philias Martinek (13), the son of actor Sven Martinek (54, “The Clown”), with Fischer, a duet sung. “Actually, every Minute is 1 HIGHLIGHT,” says the 37-Year-old and awarded “5/5 stars”. At the completion of the Bohemian man tweeted a GIF, in the the Helene Fischer enthusiastically claps. The Message Is Clear.

actress and presenter Sophia Thomalla (29) is known to have a special connection to Helene Fischer. The Fans are still waiting for their promised Helene Fischer Tattoo. Thomalla tweeted, “don’t Look at the shipment and again and again, what I can do. #Helene Fischer show”. It can only be a Helene Fischer.