Founded by the members of the recovery community with years of experience working with substance abuse issues, The Asheville Recovery Center is built with the client in mind. After years of working in the behavioral health and addiction treatment field, they noticed that something was missing from the typical model of substance abuse treatment found in most drug rehabs. They believe that through intimate and compassionate nature, recovery is even more possible. Instead of focusing specifically on the client’s backgrounds, needs, and goals, other North Carolina drug rehabs were letting clients slip through the cracks.

The Asheville Recovery Center prides its self off their ability to address the need for effective treatment in an intimate, supportive environment, and to close the gap between evidence-based therapeutic practice and spiritual and emotional care. Built is a program that strives to care for the whole person: mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually in a real-world environment while also providing accountability, safety, tough love, and a tight-knit, family setting.

The key to a thriving treatment center is highly qualifying, trained clinicians with over the top experience in address the issue of addiction. Each client that walks through their doors will be invited with compassion and care. At Asheville Recovery Center, their main goal is to provide the necessary treatment that is backed up by evidence and results without sacrificing the real intimacy needed to connect on a high level with each client.

The foundation of the center was organized by people who genuinely understand and believe in the power of recovery, due to their own trials and addiction triumphs. After seeing how the power of sobriety and the actual impact addiction treatment have they are fueled by the hope that they can heal others looking for recovery. Real recovery steams from love, accountability, honesty, and spiritual development, however, many people, can not achieve sobriety without quality clinical treatment. This is when Asheville Recovery Center comes in, providing clinical addiction treatment services without losing sight of what is essential.

The Asheville Recovery Center only offers outpatient programs. Each program is exclusively provided during the day, and the clients to not stay overnight. Unlike the average drug rehab clinic which overs inpatient and outpatient, the benefits of only offering IOP is that it gives people who have other life obligations a chance to do both. Addiction affects people from all walks of life, and the staff at Asheville Recovery Center makes sure that they accommodate their patients. Outpatient services are available in the daytime, so patients enrolled can tend to daily responsibilities each night throughout treatment.

Typically, outpatient services are suitable for people who have already experienced and completed a residential program but need further assistance on their recovery journey. Usually, individuals who have attempted to adapt to life after treatment find it very difficult after spending a month or two in an inpatient program. When individuals attend outpatient programs, it allows them to practice what they learned in addiction treatment in their own lives. These skills that are taught in drug rehab programs are essential and pushed patients to learn and develop the skills necessary to stay sober.

“We Understand Your Addiction – Which Is Why Our Drug Treatment Center Works”- Asheville Addiction Treatment Services.

Regardless of where individuals get treatment, the essential things are that they are going in the right direction. The staff at Asheville Recovery Center urges people to research and do homework when it comes to choosing the right drug rehab program. At Asheville Recovery Center, they have a personal connection to drug rehab and understand first-hand what it takes to get clean.

The founders of the Asheville Recovery Center have experienced addiction. They know first-hand how it affects life on every level and how it affects friends and family. Here at Asheville Recovery Center, patients will be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve
Being a drug addict doesn’t mean patients aren’t worthy of love, support, care, and guidance. The founders understand how damaging negativity can be to the recovery process, so the foundation of the treatment is that it is not a privilege to live a life without addiction; it is a right.

Asheville is Not you’re Average Addiction Treatment Services. The average substance abuse treatment centers will try to wow guests with high-end amenities and vacation-like luxury; however, Asheville Recovery Center does not. The genuine passion comes from the actual therapy and treatment rather than the material goods; after all, addiction treatment is meant to help individuals get better.

Living a clean life after addiction is more fulfilling than anyone could ever imagine. Looking for the right drug treatment center is a huge step.

Asheville Recovery Center is only one phone call away and will treat patients with the dignity and respect they deserve. Their unique approach to a drug treatment center has all the proven programs, therapies and methods already in place and will customize each area of treatment according to both the individuals wishes and what is working best for them. They offer support to patients families and those who have been affected by patient drug use. A sober future is only one phone call away.


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