asteroids-headlines in major German cities: a PR stunt of the Pay-TV channel Sky


commuters in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich have on Friday morning, the eyes are rubbed. No wonder, then, signed the title pages of the local daily Newspapers, such as the “Cologne Express” or “Berliner Kurier”, a spooky image from the end of the world. The unanimous headline: An Asteroid with a collision course to earth – and only 8 days to impact!

A creepy idea, but fortunately only a successful PR Stunt of the Pay-TV channel Sky at the start of the new post-apocalyptic drama “8 days”. The full-page ad, which appeared in the Munich “tz” and in the “Hamburger Morgenpost”, comes just one week before series start at the 1. March.

some are likely to attract the PR-action memories of the radio play “the war of The worlds”. As the disaster piece by Orson Welles in 1938 in the US for delivery to the Radio, to disregard, apparently, many listeners in New York and New Jersey the warning that it is Science Fiction. According to press reports, they fled in air-RAID shelters or churches and caused traffic jams on the roads while trying to escape with the car, the alleged attack of the Martians. Even if the extent of the mass panic is now in question, comparable to the chaotic scenes of the cities were on Friday in the German major, fortunately.

Sky is happy about the “maximum attention”

Cosimo Möller, Vice President of Creative at Sky Deutschland, is nevertheless pleased about the successful campaign: “to bring the theme of the series as a ‘real’ headlines on the front pages of the biggest publications in Germany, guarantees us the maximum attention.” In addition to the View of Sky, placed in addition, on info screens, for example at railway stations in large cities, information about the impending Apocalypse.

What “8 days”?

The eight-part Drama series tells the story of the impending end of the world. An approximately 60-mile-wide Asteroid hurtling toward earth and threatening, in the midst of Europe. Eight days remain to the people, to flee, to abandon or to do the things you always wanted to do. Cast Christiane Paul (44, “East Frisian blood”), Henry Hübchen (72 includes, among other things, “go for Zucker!”) and Mark Waschke (46, “the scene of the crime”). Directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky (57, Oscar for “The counterfeiters”) and Michael Krummenacher (33, “homeland”). Over all, the Central question is: What is in the last moment is really important?