Robert Downey Jr. alias Iron Man in “Avengers: Endgame”

©Marvel Studios, 2019

“the Avengers” remains a symbol of superlatives. The latest offshoot of the “Endgame” proves impressive, curious and downright outrageous way. Positive record: In the United States were sold within the first hour never before have so many Tickets, such as for the new Marvel movie. The record held so far, “Star Wars: The awakening of the Power”. And also in Germany, Disney was able to drop off within 24 hours, never more Tickets, as the Studio proudly announced. 105.000 cards are already.

From the category of “curiosities”: The immense rush on the cards must have been, according to several US media, such as “CNN”, so that the pre-sale were forced to row in the knee. After all, the AMC guest service responded with a lot of Humor and posted this on Twitter: “We want everyone to be able to get his ‘Avengers: Endgame’-Tickets. But it looks as if we would be affected by Thanos’ Flick.”

of Course, it is inevitable that some people are trying to make the Hype a Golden nose. So traders eBay are found Online, in various exorbitant offers. About one in which there are four tickets for the premiere night of the movie – for a mere $ 5,000! Hopefully something cheaper German Fans come from the 24. April in the enjoyment of the epochal battle between Good and Evil.