There are many reasons for a holiday in Japan,

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Japan is The place to be this year for a lot of tourists “”. The Land of the rising sun, the culinary adventure and the hidden treasures is more popular than ever and for “Travel + Leisure” the Top Destination in 2018. Because no other country in the world, many combines opposites, such as Japan.

visitors can leave the hustle and Bustle of megacities such as Tokyo or Osaka, infect, or in the nature around Kyoto turn it off. It also does not matter that the signs are kept in for most Europeans, illegible characters, or the visit of a restaurant is to the culinary challenge. Quite the contrary, in Japan you can be – even in the depths of Nowhere – even in the middle of it, and that seems to inspire the visitors.

city, country

Tokyo – Fuji – cherry-blossoms, are probably the first words and phrases, travelers to Japan can think of. There goes even more. While the South of the country is washed by tropical seas, to impress in the North, snow-capped peaks. From Swimming, rafting, to skiing, everything is Hiking. This Outdoor can change the Fans on the footsteps of the Haiku master Basho through the mountainous landscape of the Tohoku Region. Alternatively, you can also get on the old Nakasendo trail from Kyoto to Tokyo.

A true Mecca for skiers and snowboarders, the ski resorts, Niseko in Hokkaido and Hakuba and Shiga Kogen on Honshu. The Olympic Zone in Sapporo is rather something for Advanced. For this, skiers can visit the site of the Olympic fire of 1972. Those who prefer to go rafting, it can do around 120 kilometres North-West of Tokyo on the Tone.

Tokyo in 24 hours

The Kaminari-mon, the entrance gate to the Senso temple in the Tokyo district of Asakusa and the beginning of a short discovery tour of the Japanese capital. The building is not only one of the architectural Highlights of the city, but also a tourist magnet. Who is afraid of the masses, and only a little time you can get to know Tokyo is also a very fast way. Hungry should, for example, a visit to the famous Tsukiji fish market. In the huge hall every day 2000 tons of fish are sold. A small stop at the Sushi Bar is a must here.

For a little walk to the gardens around the Imperial Palace. Friends of the Japanese Bonsai art come here fully at their expense. In addition to architecture and cuisine, not missing the sporting aspect. In the sports hall, Ryogoku Kokugikan tourist competitions of sumo can find ringer. The two battles of the heavyweights generally take only a few seconds. Enough time one evening to make a trip to the electronics street “Akihabara”. Everywhere raving enthusiasts by the shrill district and in the flashing light, the sea, the night and day.