SpongeBob Squarepants was to see at the Super Bowl in 2019

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The reactions to this year’s half time show at the Super Bowl are not just positive. The Band Maroon 5 (“This Love”) had brought including support of the rappers Travis Scott (26) and Big Boi (44), by Outkast, but the scathing criticism ranges from lackluster to spectacular. To cartoon-character SpongeBob Squarepants, the musicians stole the Show. Behind the short Cameo appearance of the yellow sea sponge.

A small, but fine tribute

There are only a few seconds, in which SpongeBob Squarepants shows. Just before Travis Scott enters the stage in the stadium of Atlanta, runs on the Video screens of the beginning of a sequence from the popular comic series, in which the small sponge self-appearance at the Super Bowl and “Sweet Victory” sings. But before the song is true, is over the tribute, and Scott starts with “Sicko Mode”. Even if some Fans complain on the net, that “Sweet Victory” was not played, is celebrated in the small Cameo yet.

the Background is an Online Petition, which was launched in the run-up to the sporting spectacle. The National Football League (NFL) was asked to play in honor of the in November, 2018 late Stephen hillenburg (1961-2018), the inventor of SpongeBob’s “Sweet Victory” during the halftime show. More than 1.2 million signatures, has received the Petition. Maroon 5 Fans at least a little heard and pleased.