Günther Jauch declared to be the end of the ARD

©imago/precinct photo

It was not yet a well-kept secret, why Günther Jauch (62) continued his eponymous Sunday-night political talk show in the First four years and Anne (52) back to the rudder. Now, the presenter spoke for the first time in detail about the shipment. In an Interview with the “report factory,” he lost it a few good words about the ARD and the public television in General. To said specifically its end in the case of the ARD Jauch: “in a Very direct way said: It talked at the end there are simply too many in there.”

He was, if he was active as a journalist, like to independent. Thus it had become, however, “at some point difficult.” The public broadcasters are caught “in himself”. Actually, you would have no pressure to earn money and could embark on experiments. They would, however, “sometimes fearful, to the left and to the right”: “you have broadcasting councils, boards of Directors, political parties, and sometimes a pair of scissors, you have prepared yourself in the head.”

in addition, there are careerists, who see how you behave “so that you can get in two years ‘time this or that Job”: “you are not so free and independent, as they could be by design.” Jauch began his career at the Bayerischer Rundfunk, and later through shows like “Na siehste!” and “das aktuelle sportstudio” on ZDF Germany. In 1990, he joined the private channel RTL for the he remains to this day. From 2011 to 2015, he led in addition, as a result of such political talk show in the First, extended his expiring contract. At the time, he was “professional and personal” reasons.