a few years ago, the hell frozen over would be more than that, you would have seen Apple Software on devices from other manufacturers. To which the arch-rivals Samsung. But that’s exactly what is happening now: At the Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung has announced that Apple’s movie and TV series store, and iTunes comes on the company’s own TV. In addition, the new Samsung TVs will support Apple’s proprietary transmission technology, AirPlay 2. So you can transfer your pictures and Videos effortlessly from iPhone and iPad directly on the screen. Both were in the entertainment area, so far, the Streaming Box Apple TV reserved.

Initially, only the owner of a 2019er be able to use the TV service, devices by 2018 to be made via Update for AirPlay and iTunes fit. Older models are not. Nevertheless, the announcement is a win for both sides: Apple opens up for a new audience, Samsung is able to offer thanks to the huge Film and series catalog, on iTunes more high – quality moving image content.

Apple changes its strategy

The announcement once again illustrates that Apple is just going to completely re-Orient. The Californians want to be in the future, fewer producers, and more suppliers of services the device. Only a few weeks ago, the Californian company announced that Apple’s Music is integrated directly on the Echo-speakers of the greatest competitors, Amazon. This is a paradigm shift that is needed.

In the past decade, the group earned a lot of money with Hardware, especially with the iPhone. The Software to services such as iMessage and iTunes – powered only device sales. This model has survived. Although the iPhone is rinsing still billions in profits into the coffers, but the sales figures seem to be at her peak arrived. The growth is taking place in other sectors.

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must-see business services

One of the great hopes of Apple CEO Tim Cook is on the Services business, so services such as Apple Music, the iCloud and iTunes. In a view of Cook revealed that the division’s sales revenue in the first fiscal quarter will fall to 10.8 billion US Dollar. This number, he wants to move on. And to do this he needed new distribution channels, such as the Echo speakers and Samsung TV.

Apple CEO

Tim Cook on privacy: “The free market did not work”


this makes The business however even more complicated. Apple is focused like no other tech group the privacy of its users. If you are well on devices from other manufacturers with a presence, no longer has the same control as over the company’s own Hardware. In a state tement to “The Verge” assured Apple, no iTunes customer data will be passed on to Samsung and Samsung ad-Tracking, there’s not going to work. In the press release, it is, however, iTunes will work with Samsung Bixby wizard. Probably you will only see the market start in the spring, what information will be passed on and which are not.

Also some other questions are still open about what that means for the business with the Apple TV, and whether Apple Tizen application for Samsung operating system developed to or Samsung takes care of this Part. This is important, because Samsung has not exactly covered itself in terms of Updates in the past few years, can be proud of.

Apple launches series project

Although Airplay 2 is supposed to be, according to Apple, also for other producers in planning, is Samsung the only TV manufacturer that iTunes will integrate. Possible that other heavyweights such as LG, Sony or Philips will follow, but want to gather experiences with a manufacturer.

From Tim cook’s perspective, it would make the TV-Offensive sense, however: according to rumors, the group intends to launch in the next few months, a series streaming service. Officially, nothing is known, but several major projects – including a series-production by Steven Spielberg – are already leaked. It’s supposed to go in the spring.

Apple sales decline

The iPhone is not enough: Tim Cook faces his greatest challenge

Tim Cook is Apple CEO. Now his greatest challenge awaits them: Apple had to admit to a severe decline in sales, the iPhone seems to have the Zenith reached. For the future, the iPhone is no longer enough.

By Christoph Fröhlich