(from left to right): Albrecht Schuch, Ngo The Chau (camera man), Paula Beer, Jacob Vaughan (Director), Mai Duong Kieu, and Oliver Kienle (screenwriter)

©ZDF / Fabrizio Maltese.

The German hit series “Bad Banks” in the second round. As the production company Letterbox betrayed now, tells the second season in a further six to follow how the financial world invents half a year after the crisis. Tighter regulations are making the business extremely troublesome. And also for the main actress Jana Liekam, played by Paula Beer (23), not everything goes according to Plan. “In the second season, a hint of Revolution has taken our young bankers. You have seen how unstable the financial system is, and ask whether it has the old Form of a future. We’ll see if this Revolution eats their own children,” announces producer Jutta Blumberg.

Everything should rotate accordingly to the theme of transition: The old, discredited and broken-regulated, banking world, on the one hand, the young, the digital world on the other. “The energy of change, the fear and insecurity of the young bankers, but also the hope in the new technologies that provide the breeding ground for another emotional roller-coaster ride, in which our characters fight again their success and ultimately their existence,” says screenwriter Oliver Kienle. Is rotated and expected to be completed in mid-April 2019. An exact start date for the second season has not been announced yet.