Sandra kiriasis and her and Felix van Deventer completed on day 14, the jungle test

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The jungle camp in 2019 is slowly coming to an end. Peter Orloff (74), Evelyn Burdecki (30), Chris töpperwien (44), Bastian Yotta (42), Felix van Deventer (22) and Sandra kiriasis and her (44) are in the race for the jungle crown. Because on day 14, no one in the “I’m a Star – you must Get me out of here!”. All of this is happening.

New round Töpperwien vs. Yotta

Although Doreen Dietel (44) is flown on day 13 from the jungle camp, it is at the beginning of the broadcast is still quite present. At the camp fire with Chris Töpperwien it comes to his Business. The currywurst man explains to the actress, as it over with him in Los Angeles. “Have bought my complete concept,” says Chris. He had two stores, a third is under construction. “So I earn quite a lot of money,” he says. Dietel acts impressed. But a spark from the Off in between: Bastian Yotta. On the jungle telephone, he takes apart the statements of Chris.

Yotta says, in L. A. there is not to buy curry sausage from Chris. “No, with his sausage, it just didn’t work’at all times”, be more clear point of view. All have töpperwien, was TV. He also seems to be about Chris’ belongings well-informed, knows, for example, what kind of car he drives. Especially to bother him that Chris driving in Los Angeles with a disabled badge in his car. And to trust him mad that he was playing as emigration coach. “The is wrong like anything else”, blasphemes it. To the open exchange of blows, it’s not coming this Time.

criticism of Doreen Dietel

marriage to Doreen, the Camp leaves, is even a criticism of your attitude loud. You, however, is clear: “There is no purere Doreen as me.” “Stay as you are”, wishes to Peter during the farewell. “I would have wished that you would have shown more of her soft side,” he says finally, on the jungle telephone. You would have been able to smile more. Bastian Yotta, however, says: “she has simply talked of principle.” And also Chris Töpperwien certified a “negative Vibe”.

So very wrong does not give you Dietel. “The audience had enough of my eternal posturing”, it is according to your statement for sure. Your first stop after the jungle camp takes you into a Fast-Food chain. Enjoy you can a Burger taste. She seems to be completely overwhelmed, but one thing she knows for sure: “I’m not going back in the jungle”. In addition, she underlines: “I feel great.”

On to the jungle test in the Cabrio-Limo

Then the jungle test! This Time, Felix van Deventer and Sandra kiriasis and her. Not only have the most see your Camper want to, you rascals, Felix even wants it. For the two it goes in the “celebrity-washing punishment”, as Moderator Daniel wich is hard (40) proclaimed. Twelve half-star, six all-star there are to find. The two are allowed to take in a white convertible Stretch Limo place. And it is disgusting. Because, of course, only water is beating down on the two.

cockroaches-masses, nests of green ants, slimy, brown jungle soap and the foam is making it difficult for the “GZSZ”Star and the former Bobsleigh Olympic champion in the Search for the stars. At the end of Sandra’s two, and Felix captured six half-star, this makes a total of eight half stars, or four stars. Four out of a possible six – a good cut! In the Camp there is a barrage of praise and criticism – but only at the stench of the two. The wash from the body.

Mysterious treasure hunt

the candidates for a mysterious treasure is waiting for a search. For Teams of Two are formed. These consist of: Chris Töpperwien and Peter Orloff, Evelyn Burdecki and Bastian Yotta, as well as Felix van Deventer and Sandra kiriasis and her. The Teams land in front of five colorful doors. You may choose to reject the treasure behind it, however, and more doors open. Who is going to make use of it?

Chris and Peter decide the red door, behind it are two drinks available: iced coffee, and Cola. The two rush hooked on both of your refreshments. “Better it would not come,” is Peter safe. “The best iced coffee in the world.” “That was the greatest treasure in the world,” says Chris. The are likely to see their escorts behind one of the other doors are different…

Felix and Sandra choose the blue door. The joy is great as there is Indira Weis and Felix’ brother Timo. It flow tears in the jungle-occupants. Felix asked, of course, after his pregnant girlfriend Antje. “The super,” his brother reassures him. Emotionally, the two return upset after some time to the Camp. As you can tell, what happened, said Chris: “not Talking yet”. The facial expression of him, and Peter speaks volumes: bewilderment! “That’s not at all”, after Chris and plays down the Whole and finally, what annoys Sandra. Or the envy of Chris talking about?

Bastian and Evelyn as the last Few in front of the doors. Choose Orange, the freshly washed Laundry behind it reject. Next, let the brown door open. The piece of Pizza, you accept gratefully. As their escorts look behind one of the other doors stupid from the Laundry. “The coolest treasure hunt ever,” explains Bastian on the way. As you will hear, whom Felix and Sandra have seen, writes Evelyn: “Is this Serious?” She is completely out of the house, but obviously for the two of them. “Oh my God”, falls more than once. The reconciled Sandra.

Why nobody

flies To the decision, as usual, the presenters Duo Sonja Zietlow (50) and Daniel Hartwich to the Camp. The series to explain to the remaining six candidates of the “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!”, that they remain in each case. Confusion is spreading. A technical glitch was behind.

The Voting results would exist, but cannot be transmitted. So, Zietlow and hartwich empty-handed, pull back. A question has the Camper: you Mean, the next day, two fly out? An answer you do not get for the time being. This will then inform well-to-15-day.

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