Lady Gaga is now on a regular basis in Las Vegas to see

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Lady Gaga (32, “a Million Reasons”) is in the Olympus of the music Superstars arrived. On Friday your “Enigma”-Show in Las Vegas, celebrated its Premiere. The singer performed the Song “Shallow”, which comes from their joint Film “A Star Is Born” with, and Bradley Cooper (43, “the Hangover”). And this song was on the stage, very emotional.

For “Shallow” exchanged her elaborate stage Outfit against a plain old Vintage Shirt. When she returned to the stage, she called to see how, in a Fan – made Video on YouTube – to the audience: “I love you so much. Some of you I know already so long. Do you remember that?”

a Declaration of love to the Fans

Also, Lady Gaga said as an introduction to their next number: “for a Long time, I felt not understood. They thought, the way I dress, how I speak, and me to behave, she thought, this is just superficial, but this shit is fucking deep. I love you so much. I am so proud to be your Star to be, but the truth is, you have me born.”

The whole scene not only moved the Fans, the text in the song include voted and cheered loudly clapped, but also Lady Gaga herself. So much So that she had to her piano Performance of “Shallow” even for a short break, because to her, the tears came.

With your “Enigma”Residency in Las Vegas delivers the singer to follow in the footsteps of Céline Dion (50), Elton John (71), Britney Spears (37) and many other famous pop stars. By the end of 2020 you will be around to see 74 Times in the desert city.