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The Website that poisoned for weeks the educational landscape, therefore, comes inconspicuous. On the home page, a young girl smiles, white teeth. “Report,” including. “We will treat your information confidentially.”

The path to the man behind this website, an old row house in Werder leads in to the Havel. Via a staircase in the backyard leads to a dark hallway. To the Left is a small office room, two Sofas, a kläffender dog and Steffen Königer, education policy spokesman of the AfD in Brandenburg. He writes a speech, suddenly a message popping up on his iPad. “Neutral schools Brandenburg” in the subject line. Königer opens the mailbox.

“I would like to have a brown Pizza with a lot of brown compost from 1933 to 1945. I heard your party was in this respect, the most experienced contact person? MFG”

messages like these, from “Chatterers” as Königer calls them, are not what he hoped for when he switched the site three weeks ago. He wanted students and parents to use the contact form to tell him, as a teacher in the state of Brandenburg against his party’s “rush”. Instead, he receives a pizza order, the fifth this week.

the AfD calls for to log on via online portals, if teachers operate in the classroom, “AfD-Bashing”, is the education landscape in turmoil. The Portal in the state of Brandenburg is one of a number of the AfD parliamentary groups have been established. The First was born in Hamburg and was activated in mid-September. It was followed by Berlin and Saxony, Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt. Also in Baden-Württemberg, there was a Website that is now offline.

What drives the AfD? She worries that there are German schools have too many teachers that indoctrinate their students “to the detriment of the AfD”. She sees the “democratic discourse at risk.” And it relies on the bag, Bacher a consensus since the seventies, the applicable principle, which States that a teacher may not teach one-sided and what is discussed in the company’s controversial, too controversial to represent (TIME, no. 26/18).

The reactions were not long in coming. Politicians, trade unionists and teachers ‘ organizations were appalled, and accuse the AfD, to pervert the bag Bacher consensus for the political self-interest. Minister of justice Katarina Barley spoke of an “organised denunciation”, associations and the media, “teachers decry”. Online petitions have been set up against the platforms established. In Berlin has shown the College in a community school: “We will continue to do so in the future, to ensure that students are able to make about the character of their party of a picture,” write to AfD.

This article dates back to the TIME no 48/2018. Here you can read the entire issue.

From the TIME the Minister of culture of the countries in which AfD portals are concerned. “The idea that students are exploited as a spy, by giving anonymous communications to a party, so that it can oscillate, as the monitoring authority in their own cause, appalled me,” says Christian Piwarz, CDU Minister of education from Saxony. The AfD Portal was an “attack on the school for peace, we will not accept,” says Britta Ernst, SPD Minister of education in Brandenburg. In a letter, she assured the teachers, “that we stand behind them and give them legal protection, if it should be necessary”. Also, the new Bavarian Minister of culture Michael Piazolo of the Free voters, warns of a “culture of distrust”.

this is the first Time in recent history that a party in the protective area penetrates the classroom, where previously it was possible to argue. Politicians and education experts fear that it is insecure teachers and their work affected, if you constantly need to expect that your statements will land directly at the AfD.

how dangerous are the portals really, the bring currently, the formation of political self-understanding of the Republic to crumble, isn’t it? How are they organized? Who are the makers? The TIME could watch the reporting platform in Brandenburg closer. And the behind-the-Scenes shows that the importance attributed to the portals, is out of all proportion to reality.