Evelyn Burdecki (30) gives the RTL viewer with a collection of semi-wisdom


The sun’s coming up soon for the eighth Time, over the Australian jungle and we are waiting to see whom the RTL-viewers will today send home. A is not likely to make it pretty sure: Evelyn Burdecki (30) – and her dangerous half-knowledge for a certain amount of entertainment value. We have wrote down your wisdom for posterity.

Evelyn’s personal understanding of taxes

On the seventh day thou shalt rest, it says in the Bible. For flash bulb, Evelyn Burdecki, it was on the seventh jungle-day: Confess that you have no idea of taxes. “I don’t even know, really, what are taxes,” the Ex-“Bachelor”candidate because of price. What they are not prevented, to present Bastian Yotta (42) your entirely personal vision of taxes: “You get a sum, and of this amount, taxes will go away, Yes.”

And to whom? “For example, for Offices, the animal shelter, for teachers, for the swimming pool, to the Zoo,” she said bravely. What a dream of a Germany that would be: swimming pools would not be made dense, the animals in the Zoo would all have huge enclosures, animal shelters would not be dependent on the diet of their charges on donations, and officials prescribed weekly massages for Stress and anger management.

Admittedly, this is all wrong, you not was. But also not quite right. And how much tax to Evelyn pays? “The six per cent, times ten, that goes up to 30 percent. And the Rest is for me.” Don’t let them hear the changes the tax office.

compass support:

use A compass, is truly not an easy task. If one is six years old. From the seventh, but the concept of a magnetic needle that aligns itself automatically to the North should be self-evident, at least in its basic features. A witness in this case: Evelyn Burdecki, the geography-Monster out of the Australian jungle. The was on the seventh day of Bobfahrerin Sandra kiriasis and her (44) the use of a compass, but rather again to explain. As Sandra had her hold the thing in the Hand, turns to Evelyn, there is plenty of indiscriminate in their Hand.

The former time a soldier took over, and said: “If I turn now, to there, then I turn to the N for North on the red thing!” If you would have been satisfied under a Sergeant to be seen. Evelyn showed up anyway, promptly learning to be resistant: “but it’s fake then, if you’re going crazy.”, they protested loudly. The compass had to the view, however, of alone. He is doing?

the early bird gets the nonsense in the mouth

Who is sitting in a glass house, falls into it himself. No, what was that again? Dear the dove on the roof as a dead monkey. Also we have it not so with the literally the German language. And we are in good company: none of the jungle candidate recycled Proverbs as beautiful as brainiac Evelyn.

As a Yoga-millionaire Yotta her on the seventh day of his jail experiences are not reported, she tried to show him the positive side of the experience: “What makes you tougher, makes you stronger.” It is clear, Evelyn, and what doesn’t kill you, brings the hearse.

Evelyn and the hammer drill manufacturer

Yes, the Yotta’s morning motivation was not to endure from day 1 to hard – so hard that it shows RTL now. Finally, it is more than questionable, whether the campers are really “Healthy, strong and full of energy”. Maybe no one makes, in addition to the Yoga-Yotta. Evelyn didn’t understand the Yotta-greeting, apparently from the beginning. On day three of the specialist high school graduate excelled with their Translation skills.

Instead of “healthy” wanted “hilti” have understood and translated it this way: “Strong is strong. I’m hilti – so that is wonderful.” TV-Germany was enthusiastic about Evelyn’s personal motivation mantra so that the word “hilti” trendete spontaneously on Twitter. A Liechtenstein rotary hammer manufacturer should have very pleased.

glacier knowledge with Evelyn and her Ex

On day five, it is said, the gods not good at all with Evelyn. Of all places with your Ex, Domenico de Cicco (35), had to go on a treasure hunt. This emotional Stress is likely to be the effusion is due. Evelyn should be found to the question: “What glaciers are” a answer: noses? Tongues? Or is it Finger? Burdecki wondered: “Maybe this has something to do with glitschen?” And what slides? The Nose.

Where to slide the nose, didn’t know Evelyn but then, that’s why you said that tongues could also glitschen. “When you eat ice cream, for example.” As always, the answer is “tongue” was correct, and the dynamic Dramaduo of RTL had a point. In the following questions Evelyn shone with explanatory arts.

So much So, that you would be able to ride this article alone from this one scene. The late former German Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, was declared to be a school, between Europe and the USA, the “American ocean,” and the people’s chamber, the Parliament of the GDR, was had to do “something with Hitler”. Put Six!

for The sake of completeness it should be mentioned: As was asked, what had no feelings, the brain, the heart or the intestines, replied as Evelyn with child-like naivety: “Everything but pain.” Since it was a very heart-warming.

water is wet

shortly before the departure in RTLs Version of the Australian jungle Evelyn shone with dangerous half-knowledge. In an Interview with the magazine “celebrity flash” was the never silent 30-Year-old: “Since you have a water moisture of 199 percent.” Neither the one nor the other really meaning to, there were, a lot of you then even themselves: “Nah, what’s that called?”, after pushing them. The question she couldn’t answer at the site itself, which means 199 percent water moisture, knew you then but: “In any case, you’re sweating.”

And the right solution for the Problem was not a water dryer, the screwed the humidity to a comfortable 100 percent, but Evelyn’s luxury item, a matting face cream. Hopefully the is also water-repellent.

relevance, that is, if it is relevant

at The conclusion and to the rescue of Evelyn’s honor has kicked your Italian Rosenkavalier with the feet: And itgave up on day 6 in the jungle, that Evelyn is a foreign word used. In the cross-examination of the currywurst man Chris Töpperwien (44) to their living situation, the upper simpleton Evelyn fought off the tough interrogation tactics: “now, however, is not at all relevant”, and dismissing the curry sausage. And see, Evelyn had used the word correctly.

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