the main thing is that the Hotel has a large swimming Pool. So the motto in my last vacation. My goal: each Morning before Breakfast for at least 1000 meters in a pool swimming. In the Luggage: my new Apple Watch.

The Gold-colored Apple Watch Series 4 Cellular with a blue sport strap (original price 529 Euro) had to chlorine, salt water, Sand, and waves. Whether in the Atlantic or in the hotel pool – the clock stayed on. Contrary to the recommendation of the manufacturer also in the shower with Shampoo and shower gel. The watch holds tight? And how good is the sports apps will work in the water? Here is the Test.

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Swim in the Outdoor Pool

tracks an annoying matter. The Apple Watch takes off floats this work. With a click on the sport icon it is. I select “pool swimming” and must then specify the length of the pool, for example, 25 meters. This is important to measure the distance correctly. Then a training can be entered in the destination: distance, calories or time. I choose 1000 meters.


Apple Watch 4 against Polar Vantage V – Which watch is better?

By Malte Mansholt

At the beginning of the training, the watch automatically sets the water mode, is thus protected against accidental inputs from the splashing of Water. The Course works perfectly. Even if the Watch is lagging sometimes a round afterwards: At the end of the number of tracks is true. The number of trains, Pace and heart rate measures also, including place and temperature. Unfortunately, the temperature of the water is missing because the Watch has not own a Thermometer, but the data from the weather App pulls. The don’t know my Pool temperature.

The records with any other Apple device check. Thus, the training can be measured success, and evaluated. For my Hobby-swimming one is more than enough. Cool.


Cheating is excluded in the case of the swimming breaks: The Apple Watch records in auto-Sets all the important data. The evaluation looks in iOS on the iPhone.

©Jens Maier Swim in the Indoor Pool

Also in the indoor pool, the Record of the Railways works without problems – even if no GPS is available. Reason: The measurement works on the Apple Watch via an acceleration sensor. As a result, the watch will even recognize the Schwimmart, chest distinguish the front crawl or backstroke, and lists the lap times individually – this works by the way, indoors as well as outdoors. Only the Review of the data in the water is annoying, what bothers especially during interval swimming at different speeds. Anyone who starts a full second, and then in the pot, know the Approximate value. Swimming breaks may identify the at separately, but only afterwards in the workout summary on the phone. At the End of the swimming unit, the “Digital Crown”, the wheel must be turned to the clock, to Unlock the screen. With a loud buzz from the speakers will blow and residual water out of the speaker of the watch.

Fitness assistance

movement insurance: This insurance will pay you the Fitness Tracker

By Malte Mansholt Swim in the sea

Also in the sea, the Apple Watch will not be disappointed. In the selection, there is an extra category: “open water swimming.” The recording features work very well here. Important: salt water and Sand have left on my watch, no traces. In order to obtain the tightness, warns excursions of the manufacturer, however, before water-Skiing and “water activities with high speeds”. Also for diving in deep waters, the watch is not suitable.

we noticed That when you Swim with the Apple Watch Series 4:

+ easy to use thanks to Apple-training-App

+ the Count of the tracks works perfectly

+ all the data are automatically transferred to the iPhone, and then analyse it

+ chlorine and salt water left in the test period of three months, no traces,

+ the watch holds tight

– battery life: The watch needs to be charged overnight

– Export the data to other operating systems difficult


runners will appreciate the Apple Watch a long time ago. The Series 4 shows its Strengths even when Swimming. For Amateur swimmers like me, it is the ideal clock to the movements and training record. The Garmin can’t do better. The Apple Watch proves to be as absolutely robust (contrary to the recommendation of the manufacturer, against shower gel) and reliable. Send it is all.

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