In the process, finely chopped Pay-TV three of the four defendants are due to band uniform computer fraud to terms of imprisonment between eight months and two years, been convicted. The 4. big youth chamber of the regional court in Lüneburg, suspended sentences with probation.

one of the accused young men between 22 and 26 years of age got a warning. Advance is an agreement between the process involved. The defendants come from lower Saxony, Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia.

you should have offered via the Internet, Pay-TV at a bargain price. They admitted the allegations in the framework of the deal to a large extent. About the self-created Internet portal they were offered according to the indictment, between October 2011 and February 2016, use of illegal streaming content. It cracked the Signal from the Sky, and then cheaper unencrypted offered. Around 7400 users of the Internet to be accessed according to the public Prosecutor’s office and bays, a total of more than 20,000 Streaming packages.

With Sky, had the young men during the procedure, in the context of perpetrator-victim-compensation agreed compensation payments of a total of 150,000 Euro. The two main defendants, each of 70,000 euros is attributable. The station had estimated the damage from the loss of subscriptions prior to the start of the process to more than 3.1 million euros. In particular, the German license holder of football transfers see your shops for years through illegal live streams threatened.

According to prosecutors, the defendants should have collected around 250,000 Euro, the chamber was at the end of a lower amount. The only warned 23-year-old man should have only gotten around 100 Euro, it was mainly a question of self-free football see.

especially your age and the confessions of the defendants had owed, ultimately, to that they got suspended sentences. The most Recent was at the beginning of acts 15. “This has nothing to do with children’s stress,” said the presiding judge Axel Knaack in its grounds of judgment. “This is a very significant criminal Offense.”