On the technology fair CES in Las Vegas showed the TV manufacturer at the beginning of January, where we’re going this year – and the Trend was clear. The customer can choose between large, huge and gigantic. Some of the models there are not even 85-inch (here you will find the TV Highlights of the show). However, many customers want it still smaller. The Stiftung Warentest has tested 21 TV between 22 and 43 inches – with a clear result.

The very small models cut through the Bank was mediocre to poor, from 40 inches all the individual models are then actually “good”. This is, however, only in comparison to today’s monster sizes as “small”.

The best dwarf: Philips PFS5863

Who needs a small TV, you should see the Philips PFS5863 with a 24-inch. The picture is not great, here are all the quite small models, but have a weakness. Can score the Philips sound: In the base a Box installed that can be played via Bluetooth from the phone with music. It also ensures that he gets only very small device is a “good” rating when it comes to sound. The overall rating of “satisfactory” (3,3). The price is about 290 euros, but quite high.

test report

test checks for the Bluetooth headset and the price-performance-winner-Apple

By Malte Mansholt Alternative in 32 inch: LG 32LK6200

For the same price there is the best 32-inchers, the LG 32LK6200. He offers compared to the Philips is not only a bigger but also a better image. Really good but it is also here. After all, the view angle is quite large. In the absence of their own Box, the LG can’t keep up, unfortunately, when it comes to Sound, here’s his greatest weakness. The overall grade: “satisfactory” (2,9).

The best in the Test: LG 43UK6300

much better it is then the case of the larger models. The 43-incher LG 43UK6300 shares in both the image and the sound in the first place with other models, brings them together but only in a device. Real weaknesses, he has no. The overall score is 2.1 according to “good”. Particularly strong is the price: From 340 Euro, the LG is to get.

Smaller Alternative: Panasonic TX-40FXW 724

The best compromise of size and performance the Panasonic TX-40FXW 724. The 40-incher comes in the picture and the sound not quite to the winner of the test, the distance is but. The overall rating of “good” (2,2) is one of the best in the Test. A great hook is the price: 735 euros, the Panasonic is very expensive.

if you think after the Test on a larger model, here is our article to the last TV Test Stiftung Warentest.

The full Test is available for a fee test.de.

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The full Test is available for a fee Test.de.