On Christmas eve, each lot of socks, household appliances and small/big/ugly sweaters piled up under German Christmas trees. However, to avoid the shame of the donor, who you like, and let the kitchen machine, but for safety’s sake prefer welded in. Finally, you want to sell them after the holidays directly. To rest the unpleasant gifts on sales portals, the country’s most famous classifieds with more than 30 million members Ebay.

the portals are really handy, it’s the Moment that you are annoyed about his fellow man. About the defaulting purchaser, of not complying with the agreed dates. The user, is harder than on any of the Bazaar. If a Man complains about the lack of courtesy. On our article “What is last price?: The crazy world of Ebay classifieds” and the call we received from our readers a lot of Feedback. Some of the experiences of the star-reader allows you to read here.

“Today is the day of the waffle”

Peter K. was amused by a “pastry makers” and made the buyer of the funny spelling errors. But the snapped back and insulted him viciously. Also not nice, albeit creative, was Kim offended. You advertised a home trainer, and found in her Inbox the following message: “Yesterday, the day of the waffle. A very special day for all, the have what on the waffle. Was celebrated this joyous day by you due?” She said “Today is the day of the screw. And you have all of the screws are loose: If you have an offer don’t like it, then you look somewhere else, rather than people to turn on with silly sayings!”

escape from limbo

the listings and answers are full, often just spelling errors to have come to terms, in the meantime, a lot of users. “‘What is last price?’ is Yes, ends almost in form,” writes about Andrea S. she also received messages, in which only “Lití Prais” or even “money”. An advertisement is not forgotten, however: “unfortunately I had to sell my new kitchen,” she explains. “I advertise in error-free English, and get in contact in either Chinese, Arabic or whatever characters.”

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the answers Were as the buyers desired, left the discussion too quickly to the factual level: “I have me things like ‘Fete Ku’ or ‘F****’ read, because I didn’t want to sell the kitchen for 200€. Fortunately, I found a reasonable German-speaking buyers, with everything smooth went. The ‘limbo’ I have to leave as soon as possible…”

The thing with the dishes

A particularly curious case, sent us Susanne H. Because you moved in the last year of a 250-square-meter house in a half the large apartment, she had to declutter your attic. “Since my husband is a hunter and gatherer, we had everything we need in life (or not) double and triple. My solution: eBay classifieds.” Further, she writes: “Overall, I astray found in the attic, nine. Among other things, an old white dishes with gold rim for my grandma, about 350-piece with everything that goes with it. Gravy boat, serving dishes, soup tureen pitchers, coffee, teapots, etc. price: 50 €. A Couple from Hamburg (150 kilometres) logged. They came on a Saturday morning is actually on time (a rather rare experience on eBay classifieds) and see the complete Service.

Then they looked at each other, and said, now you have to make a call once and the Whole superior. You have six cups of the dishes and had the feeling that my output was a shade lighter. The gold rim is the same, only the white would be somehow different. They took pictures, and then went around the Block for a walk. When you came back, you told me you had decided against the Service. It is a small is actually a little brighter white than your six white cups. When I looked at you somewhat surprised and asked, why you want to take my entire harness including 12 cups with saucers and six cups, re-sell, you mean, the White of your cups would you like as well. Thus, they then drove back 150 miles from home.”

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sales portal

“What is last price?”: The crazy world of Ebay classified ads

“STILL THERE?” Ebay the limbo of the Internet classifieds. Manners, one seeks there in vain, instead, it is gepöbelt and ‘ til you drop haggling. A web page collects the most bizarre offers and dialogues.

By Christoph Fröhlich