you are an Amazon Echo, Google Home, or a similar device, open home, come inevitably to the question of: “Something you find in the apartment? The listening always.” In fact, controlled devices voice always hear in the room is recorded, but only if you give the command to do this. But, unfortunately, the same happens again and again.

This is due to the functioning of the language assistant: you have to wait in principle, the entire time on your activation phrase. The Amazon Echo is the “Alexa” on Google Home or Android-Smartphones “OK Google” or “Hey Google”, the iPhone jumps to “Hey Siri”. Because not everyone can pronounce but clearly, the devices also, if you think you hear a similar sound, and suddenly be completely recorded, unnoticed conversations.


Alexa – the dream of the secret services

By Malte Mansholt

espionage Accidentally

In the USA has led to that now even a call to a Known one Echo owner was sent. Behind it is a crazy series of coincidences put: Alexa had been triggered by a similar sounding word, was then perceived to be part of the conversation as commands, to send the recorded. Even Amazon’s a protective measure for such cases was accidentally undermined As Alexa inquired, whether you want to do really, to disregard the conversation partner. Because one of them said in the Moment of “the Right” (exactly), filed Alexa the response. And the news was on the way.

in fact, is likely to have started every single user of a voice-controlled device at least once accidentally recording. What sounds scary, is rather banal. Notice the language-speakers, that is not a command, he listens sometime to listen. Sometimes a message like “sorry, I didn’t understand.” Anyone who is uncertain, you can listen to the recordings, but at least in the case of Google and Amazon.

to listen to the recordings at Amazon and Google

language speaker

What happens to the data? Alexa is listening to – and Amazon is silent

By Malte Mansholt

At Amazon in the Alexa App. Here you can listen to all the records and, on request, delete it. Detailed instructions you will find in this article. For Android Smartphones, and Google Home is the same on the Browser. Here you can learn how to do this. In both cases, all commands are listed which were recorded via the voice control.

most interesting are the cases in which, instead of a command, “transcript Not available” (Google) or “not available” (Amazon Echo) is displayed. Here are recordings that have not been understood. Often, it was simply to slur her words or from another Person in between talking. Accidentally recorded calls or TV dialogues can be found in the rule . Anyone who wants can delete the record. In the case of Google, there is also the Option to have all the entries at once, or from certain periods of time disappear.

Apple stores

Fans of Apple’s Siri, have no possibility of accidental recordings to listen to. However, there is a reason for it: Apple reserves the right to keep recordings, in order to improve the quality. It is, however, deleted any reference to the owner of the unit. Even if Apple wanted to, could you assign it to a recording.

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Vibrator as a bug: manufacturer is recording Sexgeräuschen to

several App-controlled vibrators to draw in the Background of all the Sex-noises. The manufacturer admits to the behavior – and there is a Software fault, the fault.