the music streaming market leader Spotify accuses Apple of unfair competition, and has filed a complaint with the EU Commission. Apple had introduced its App Store rules, restricting consumer choice and innovation slowed down, said Spotify chief Daniel Ek.

In Apple’s App Store and other Download-platforms such as Google’s Play Store for Android devices – it is common for App providers get 70 percent of revenues, while 30 percent remain with the operator. This also applies for purchases within Apps. In the case of Abo-it reduces Revenues to Apple, the levy from the second year to 15 percent.

music streaming provider showed for a long time already dissatisfied so that you have to give a portion of subscription revenues to Apple, while the group gets in its competing service the entire amount. “If we pay this tax, would force us to make our Premium membership artificially significantly more expensive than Apple’s Music”, said Ek. Spotify, the subscription offered in the iPhone App for a time more expensive than on the Web. In the meantime, you can’t complete the Premium subscription on the iPhone.

Spotify closed the last quarter with 96 million paying subscription customers, 9 million more than three months earlier. Together with the Free Version of Spotify came to 207 million users. Apple Music as number two in the market according to the latest data, more than 50 million paying users – a free Version of the iPhone-the group has not.