Sony will send its robot dog Aibo in the future, also on patrol in the household. As the owner of a mechanical game can be a tool to define individual areas in the living rooms, to watch the Aibo certain times.

This was announced by Sony in Japan. The with cameras and microphones equipped robot dog can also remember up to ten faces in order to detect residents. As a Basis for the new Aibo created initially with his camera to view a Plan of the rooms.

For the summer to give to Sony for the first time, Software developers and interfaces to access the Aibo. Details of the options it gave. In a limited edition Sony now sells an Aibo, with brown a Beagle, sounds similar. So far, the robot dogs were grey.

Sony had brought out the new Aibo Version in November 2017 on the market more than a decade after the Original model was discontinued. In Japan, the Aibo 198 costs 000 Yen (about 1600 euros) and in the USA, around 2900 dollars. A European launch has not been announced, the specific details of it but gave up so far.

The current Aibo Version will interact better with the owners inter than the Original model. So the Aibo robot detects a Smile or words of praise and thanks to Sensors also Caress on the head or back. In addition, the Mini can adapt to robots, thanks to artificial intelligence behavior to the reactions of the people. In addition to the purchase price Sony wants to earn over the life time of the robot dog also make money with subscription Offerings.