Had visibly debut fun at his “American idol” -: Xavier Naidoo

©MG RTL D / Stefan Gregorowius

The race is on: yesterday, Saturday, the forecast is less than 16. Season of the RTL casting show “Germany seeks the Superstar”. With voltage, especially the completely new Jury was expected to. Next to Dieter Bohlen (64) Not sit the console, the Ex-“American idol”-winner Pietro Lombardi (26), and a dancer Oana Nechiti (30), but also a singer Xavier Naidoo (47, “out of this world 2”) is part of the Jury. For many, it is a real casting Coup. So his debut delivery.

Like the Rest of the Jury Naidoo convinced, above all, a candidate: Alicia Awa-Beissert (21), which did not want to actually participate, however, of her mother, but was convinced. The 21-Year-old sings “Stay” by Rihanna (30) and provided with Naidoo for big emotions: “I go broke, I almost cried,” admits the singer.

But Naidoo can also extend his claws and his opinion clear: “The singing was not good,” criticized Naidoo candidate Fabrizio Giordano, who describes himself as a “Princess”. The self-proclaimed drag Queen falls through with his rendition of Amy Winehouses (1983-2011) “Rehab” is not only vocally in the case of all jurors, but also with his pampigen article A normal working day for Naidoo, who made a solid impression.

criticism of the Fans

The new Jury, which was referred to from the Pop-Titan Dieter Bohlen in the run-up as “best Jury of all times”, but few viewers to convince – at least, when one takes a look at the short message service Twitter. There, the jurors received some critics. A User writes as a representative for many others: “The Problem is that I can take Pietro and Xavier is still less serious than the candidate.”

ratings are good, The Numbers speak a different language. According to RTL, the Show had Year, with a market share of 19.8 percent (3,13 million) in the target group of 14 to 59. Total of 4.38 million viewers from the age of three, the first episode of the 16. Relay – equivalent to a total market share of 13.8 per cent.

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