wash wants to be well cared for. In a Laundry drum of a Laundry-values of more than 500 euros, which you can destroy easily. Therefore, you have to ensure first that the washing machine is operated correctly. In the article “With these mistakes ruin your Laundry is guaranteed to” clean up the Laundry expert, Jenifir Provateare with common errors. Different than is often claimed, not to save, for example, with the detergent, and also quiet times hot washing, says Provateare. And you need to know, Provateare has 20 years of experience in the development of washing machines. These are the Basics, so that the Laundry is not spoiled.

For special Problem cases, we have responded to in addition, here are some useful Tricks.

Worn clothing can (sometimes)

zoom in If your favorite is wool running sweater in the washing machine or the dryer, you need not despair. According to Lifehacker, it may be enough if you bathe the Schrumpel Sweater in warm water and hair Conditioner for a few minutes. Then you can smooth out the Sweater on a towel carefully back to its Original size. Restriction: For this, the wool fibers need to be intact. If you have cooked the Sweater from, are matted fibers, probably irretrievably.

white wine fighting red wine

Sounds silly, but it can work: red wine stains are known to remove dimensions at the most severe. You can swim the garment in white wine. The white wine attacks namely the anthocyanins, which gives red wine its color. After that, you should wash the garment with a conventional stain remover. Otherwise strip back to stay after Drying.

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So it is possible to support a ceiling also. Open the question of which force has deformed the T-carrier made of steel.

©ASHI Reporter safety pin saves Hoodie

When the Band of the Hoodie hood is pulled out, you get it normally, never through the Tunnel. Unless you have a larger safety pin attached to one end, then the cord can be through the fabric through the handle and through the Tunnel slide.

Instead of a safety pin, you can try it with a wide straw or the plastic tube of a ballpoint pen. Professionals can also set aside a small hose section for this purpose.

Smelly sports shoes

Good sport shoes, you should never wash in the washing machine. Never! The glue that connects the various materials, they do not tolerate this treatment. The expensive shoes don’t fall apart, but lose their properties.

Alternatively, you can just wash the insole if you can remove. And in addition the shoes with old Newspapers stuffed. The newspaper will absorb moisture and odors from the Shoe.

fiber beads shave

Just mixed fibers, small beads form quickly. You can simply remove with a razor knife. It is important that the knife is really sharp and the beads clean separates. A dull knife will damage the fibers even more. With the blade you have to work carefully on a pad, you slide, you will have to cut the fabric.

hands-disinfectant, if nothing else helps

Stubborn stains, which stain remover to bite already the teeth out, you can back with hand sanitizer to body. The funds must be applied, then you have to let it soak in. RUB intensifies the process. This is but a means of the last choice, because it can lead to a Brightening of the color.

cooling Wash

minus grade to remove any stains and dirt, it eliminate but smells. If you want to get the original color and shape of shirts, blouses or even Jeans as long as possible, you can cool a Laundry skip and the piece of clothing to Wear over-night deep. The effect has a stronger effect than the Air in the fresh air. Real pollution not eliminated, however.

home improvement

Eight problems in the house or apartment, you can repair it yourself

Even if it is not a joy: Dark water stains in the corner, a leaky drain, or a crunching repairs that you cannot push on the long Bank. Small problems can quickly become costly repairs.

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