So Santa, all his gifts

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this year falls on Christmas eve on a Monday. The like many of the fit in respect of the accrued vacation wonderful, for Last-Minute shoppers, the deadline is but not just ideal. spot on news has compiled a list of some of the largest German Online Shops, so customers can simply need to verify when you order, so that the gifts within Germany, arrive on time.


The mainly on Computer and technology specialist retailer Alternate is in its order deadlines currently, the following information: When an order is received at 20. December (until 12:00) should be sufficient for a normal standard shipping, the package in time for the Festival to hold in their hands. Express shipping is up to 22. December (until 12:00). Also, a Same-Day delivery may be used, however, only up to 22. December and not on Christmas eve.


Despite a strike at two locations Amazon assured: “We are well prepared for Christmas. The strike has no influence on the compliance of our promise, because the overwhelming majority of our employees work the normal.” Only last Monday, the shipping giant had announced its order deadlines for Christmas. Accordingly, customers who wish to use the standard shipping should 20, to of the. December order. Those who opt for a premium shipping (free with Amazon Prime) or Same-Day shipping (free with Amazon Prime from 20 Euro order value), you can also on the 21. December order. Prime members in selected zip code areas in Berlin and Munich can be on with Prime Now even 24. December order. The Goods are then delivered within a Two-hour window or, at a surcharge within a hour. Everything for the Christmas meal fresh at Amazon, up to 23. December in time order.


also on all sorts of technology, specialized family company, Conrad returns for standard orders, a slightly more generous time limit. In the case of a regular shipment of an order until the 21st century should be. December (up to 06:00 PM) is sufficient. Against a surcharge, it is also possible to take a Express delivery. Customers with their gifts to the 22. December want to hold in the hands, can up to 21. December (until 12:00) order by Express.


2018 celebrates cyber port, known as a retailer of consumer electronics and computer technology, There will be a 20-year-old. For a standard shipment within Germany for an order of up to 19. December (until 12:00 p.m.) in order to allow the delivery of up to 22. December. For Express delivery up to Christmas eve, however, until 16:00 on the 21. December be ordered. In cities with a Cyberport Store, there are additional possibilities. There in-stock merchandise and can even still at 24. December and within two hours, picked up final will be reserved until two hours before. By “Rushes!”-Service can also be delivered in-stock products within three hours to a destination. The latter offer is valid until 10:00 PM on Christmas eve.


The German shipping-veteran Otto, a distinction must be made, whether for a delivery of one or two persons are required. In the case of a job input to the 20. December 23:30 PM and should arrive in a Standard order for the smaller items in a timely manner to the customer. Larger products are delivered by a staff of two, however, should to 17. December (to be ordered until 23:30). In the case of utilization of the Eilservices enough for all delivery and rush service-enabled articles, an order up to 21. December, 13:00, in order for a delivery on the 22. December can be done. Similar to the gifts that can be ordered via Next-Day Delivery. Here, too, capable products for delivery on the 22. December delivery, if to 21. December (to be ordered until 20:00).


Also in the 1949 founded company Tchibo, a wide range of Christmas gifts to purchase, even if many are connecting, perhaps, with the tradition company is mainly coffee. In principle, all should be up to 19. December ordered items until Christmas eve at the customer. Of Expatriation, freight forwarding and in-store deliveries, as well as travel, flowers and partner actions are excluded, however.


When fashion giant Zalando should arrive meanwhile, all the orders in a timely manner, the to 18. December (until 18:00) and via standard shipping are sent to you. Unforeseen delays due to ice, smoothness or the like, except that was supposed to arrive, also all the items in a timely manner, the to 21. December (until 15:00) via Express shipping will be ordered. In the case of customers of the “Zalando Plus” it should be enough theoretically, at 22. To order December. In some areas, clients also benefit from a Same-Day delivery, which should arrive on Saturday.