Motsi Mabuse sits in the twelfth season back in the “Let’s Dance”-the Jury

©TVNOW / Robert Grieschek

On Friday starts the RTL-dance show “Let’s Dance” in a new season. With a juror Motsi Mabuse (37), which this year is faced with a particular challenge. Since August of 2018, she is the mother of a small daughter and has to cope with is, therefore, to the double burden of work and family. How she gets it, she has betrayed shortly before the Start of the new episodes in an Interview with RTL. Especially your time management lessons very according to your child. “We need to plan a bit differently. Because she is still very small, so in my eyes. And because I also still silence,” says Mabuse. Your little daughter was on the Set always.

support gets Motsi of your whole family as well as her husband, professional dancer Evgenij Voznyuk. You have let your Mama Dudu from South Africa to fly in. “My mom comes. Papa will also come from time to time, and my cousin is also there. Family is there to support. I just know she’s in good hands,” explains the 37-Year-old and adds, laughing: “My Manager has also made a re-training, the the from can and to take.”

And you would entrust your child to their strict fellow members of the Jury: Joachim Llambi (54)? “I had no fear of my Baby at Joachim. Because he is super super cute. Because it is not recognize if there is a little girl. And Jorge is the best aunt ever is, anyway.”

Who competes in “Let’s Dance”?

“Let’s Dance” starts on Friday, the 15. March at 20:15 on RTL in the twelfth season. These celebrities with their dance partners against each other: Reality TV Star Evelyn Burdecki (30), Comedian Oliver Pocher (41), professional handball player Pascal Hens (38), designer Barbara Becker (52), actor Benjamin Piwko (38), singer Ella, Finally, (34), actor Jan Hartmann (38), singer Kerstin Ott (37), singer Lukas Rieger (19), TV presenter Nazan Eckes (42), Comedian Özcan Cosar (37), runner Sabrina Mockenhaupt (38), Fashion designer Thomas Rath (52) and actress Ulrike Frank (50).