Brigitte Nielsen is already in the Christmas mood. Whether you probably already have all the gifts together?


Christmas is great, Yes. This hustle and bustle, the Stress, and Ellen would be there every year for a long To-do list, it is before Christmas eve, still needs to be processed. No wonder the Christmas spirit. It is not so difficult to get stress-free through the season of Advent, it is only the right needs approach. These tips can help.

1. Tasks

you Are not a loner. Especially in the advent of time, it’s nice to have people around that you love. In addition, a To-do work list in this way is also much faster. Whether baking cookies, shopping, shovel snow, or decorating – if everyone tackles with game, the stressful preparations for the children. There’s time for a trip to the Christmas market at the end of the day. Reward needs to be finally.

2. Not every Christmas party dance

Christmas is the celebration of love and family. At the same time, the invitations to numerous Christmas flutter but celebrate into the house. Now what? This decision can relieve you of any. It is only important to set priorities. They are not dancing at every Party, but you dare even once to say ‘no’. It is you to blame, no one.

3. The soul strong>


4. Dam of keep it small

The gifts – for many the biggest challenge. Of course, you want to make his loved ones happy. But what to do when the ideas fail to materialise? Try it out with secret Santa! What was once only in kindergartens and schools, is now in the adult world of great popularity: Any blessed only a certain Person. So you can make in advance thoughts, which could make his imp Partner at the Christmas party a joy, and Best of all, The gift search is not degenerate.

5. Christmas service

use A Christmas without a festively decorated fir tree. For many Germans it was unbelievable! But they come late and are out of stock the most beautiful trees in the rule for a long time. Here is a Christmas tree shipping can remedy the situation. The advantage is that you can’t choose online, usually only the size and type of tree, but also the delivery date individually. The hassle of driving Around from point-of-sale and point-of-sale the past. This saves time and nerves.

6. The Last-Minute-tip

you forget in front of a loud hustle and bustle to send Christmas cards to friends and love relationship? No Problem: there is a very simple solution that does not takes a lot of time and guarantees a nice Surprise. You take in this Situation, simply take a picture with your loved one in front of the home Christmas tree. Nice greetings and wishes sent in pursuit and the individual SOS Christmas message is perfect personal than this!