The first two tests, threw Gisele Oppermann I, of course, you must, therefore, also to the third

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Twelve (Un-)famous celebrities just in time before the native masses of Snow in the Australian jungle fled. Since 11. January until the final on 26. February bellows, the candidate of “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!” now the price sum of the first 100,000 euros. In the case of the 13. Season of the Show but was already in the first episode clearly: Between the two candidates, it could be in the coming days even more uncomfortable than in the German winter chaos.

“I suck!”

The start of the candidates use prompt, there are a few things to clarify before it went into the undergrowth. “There’s no biz like Snack”, for example, Curry-sausage expert Chris Töpperwien (44). Or: “Not with Domenico lie – otherwise it gives the left the right the Back of the head!” The better Ex-half Evelyn Burdecki (30) is lost, meanwhile, is “a bit on TV,” and Sexpertin Leila Lowfire (26) declared in a short and promising: “I suck!”

The most Tommi had to talk about Piper (77), wants to experience in its “last quarter” by the Show of participation, once again, a great adventure. First and foremost, he seemed to have but conversation partners are sought and talked with his Mitcampern not only about God and the world, but about his Bronchitis, the coatings of the eyes of his dog, or Pan.

test in the urban jungle

is likely to have set A record already Gisele Oppermann (31). 24 minutes it took up to their first bitter tears – because the former “GNTM”-a Participant mind you, even in a luxury hotel. And knew that for the first time in the history of the mission to the jungle test outside of the jungle was imminent. You and be part of your comrades-in-arms should spores on a balance beam on the roof of a high house, the first – say stars – earn. The next wine seizures followed. If it goes on like this, you have to be Gisele to serious Dehydration.

Yotta against Töpperwien, Burdecki has delayed a number of reasons, de Cicco

Voltage, two Meetings up to the end of the episode. Only directly at the Camp, the brawlers and Alpha rumble-meerkats Bastian Yotta (42) and Chris Töpperwien each other and ignored studiously. After all: “punch” does not want to töpperwien his Self-made Nemesis, at least (yet). But soon, thunder weather, nevertheless, seems to be as safe as the Amen in the Church.

Also Burdecki, and Domenico de Cicco (35) went initially out of the way. However, a ray of light: “Dahoam is Dahoam”-actress Doreen Dietel (44) has declared that it is ready to act if necessary as a mediator by the camp fire. But that was not necessary, because the common fondness for beauty products, the first tentative rapprochement attempt between the two: “Evelyn followed in the Morning, what have you got there?” – “Cream. Sun cream.” The ice was broken.

The jungle test

As a mandatory setting to test the Horror-Cuisine booth, of course. All of the candidates was a “Best of” of the jungle nastiness of pre-sets: testes, eyes, maggots, Penis. Gisele refused again, and brought in the Pole Position for all of the upcoming tests on the latent sadistic audience may have. Just a feeling. This was confirmed at the end of the episode immediately. The Ex-Model has to be Fatal in the next episode in the “channel”.

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