Heidi Klum want to have your fiance in “Germany’s next Topmodel”?

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In the 14. Season of “Germany’s next top model” is looking for Heidi Klum (45) again, a young model to conquer the catwalks worldwide. The Fans of the ProSieben-casting-show but are not stretched only on the young talents, they also ask whether Tom Kaulitz (29), the husband of Heidi Klum page, it will have an appearance in the Show. Finally, you can see the two lovebirds rarely separated from each other. What there was, therefore, Better to combine Job and Private life? These roles could take Heidi Klum fiance.

guest judge

In the 14. Season, there is a great change to come by the Tom Kaulitz very easy to use in the model show: In each episode, a different guest judge will sit next to Heidi Klum and in the assessment of the aspiring Models. In the last year, Michael Michalsky (51) and Thomas Hayo (50) fought with your team to model crown.

in addition to model colleagues, Ex-“GNTM”-participants and designers, for example, take Thomas Gottschalk (68) on the Jury’s chair. Why then, can’t rate Tom Kaulitz as a stage-Experienced the Performance and the presence of the Models on the catwalk? Also a hot candidate for the Jury-place: Tom’s twin brother Bill Kaulitz (29). The Tokio Hotel front man is an absolute Fashion specialist and would fit in the Show.

As a Challenge-evaluator

A slightly shorter appearance could succeed Tom Kaulitz in any other assessment item. In your “own”life must provide the candidate in the Coaching phase also smaller Challenges. The supervision of the Challenges and the appointment of the winner in the past seasons have taken over most of the solid judges like Thomas Hayo and Wolfgang Joop (74), the task this year is still vacant. A short appearance in the model Villa in it would be for Tom Kaulitz.

As a Shooting Partner

many female Fans has Tom Kaulitz crush. and Model Heidi Klum in him, shows that he can also be in front of a photo lens. An absolute Highlight of this year’s season would be so, if the 26-Year-old enters with the young models in front of the camera and its qualities as a Male Model. If his Sweetheart would see it like that remains to be seen.


The easiest way to Tom Kaulitz could create it by his own profession in the show: The guitarist could come with his Band Tokio Hotel in appearance and the best in the big Live Finale, ProSieben, annually, with major music Acts. Already in 2018, the Fans had not rumored, whether or not Tokio Hotel are on the list of artists who will be performing on the big stage show. However, the musicians disappointed your Fans, Bill and Tom Kaulitz were the only ones in the audience for a redress.

in Addition, a performance has become more likely since, it was announced that Tokio Hotel with “Melancholic Paradise” to contribute to this year’s title song for the Show. If Tom Kaulitz will actually occur with “GNTM” in appearance, the TV viewers from 7. February, on Thursdays at 20:15 clock, ProSieben.