Sophie Turner is starting in April in their last “Game of Thrones”season as Sansa Stark

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As the wellbeing of Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner, 23). Ironically, her “Bastard”brother Jon snow alias Kit Harington (32) is said to have earned for his Part in the successful HBO series “Game of Thrones” is much better. The chats, the actress is now in a long Interview with “Harper’s Bazaar”. But lo and behold: Instead of this fact upset, Turner has understanding for the supposedly unjust payment.

three times The sum?

Although she is an absolute advocate of fair and equal remuneration for men and women. You can see that the sum of the Harington holds a greater role for Equal pay is therefore “a bit difficult. Kit gets more money than me, but he also has the larger Storyline. And for the last season, he had to do something Crazy like 70 Nachtdrehs, as many as I had. So I said: ‘you Know what? You can keep the dough'”.

The precise sums are, of course, is not officially known. Supposedly Turner is now but around 160,000 pounds (about 186,000 Euro) per Episode once, in the case of Harington, the salary per episode is estimated at 537.000 pounds (approximately 623.000 Euro), according to the British “Daily Mail”. The votes should Turner-jealous of your series-brother of around three times salary. 15. April learn German viewers via Sky then, whether Harington is this Supplement value – then the last season of “Game of Thrones” starts in this country.

lucky in love

Also about the relationship to her fiancé, Joe Jonas (29) told the Tuner in the long Interview. So the first contact was actually on Instagram: “We followed each other in Instagram, and one fine day he sent me a Direct message, completely out of the Blue.” With success, as we know, the two marry. But not in a star-studded Hollywood ceremony, Turner also proclaimed: “We try to do it as dignified as possible, so that it remains an intimate Moment.”

Jonas had betrayed as a guest on James Corden (40), that the said ceremony is to take place in the summer of this year. A Couple of the two in November 2016 were, on his knees, the singer went a year later, in October 2017.