in sadness, joy, madness: Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker

©YouTube/ Warner Bros. Pictures

The birth of Batman’s greatest adversary, the Joker, has been in a variety of ways staged. To be a Gangster of the brand Jack Nicholson falls into a steaming chemical. Time of the Psychopath appears out of the blue and tells how Heath Ledger other (lies)stories of his manic origin, and remains a mystery. The new Trailer to “the Joker”, in which Joaquin Phoenix (44) in the mad title role slips, signed again with a different image. One that probably will be human like in any film before.

Not from today to Tomorrow, the world-famous Clown is out of the respectable Arthur spot-monster. Apparently, over the years, rumbling and seething in him, a scrawny Mama’s boy, a corporal of the company, a loser boy. Not as a perpetrator, he is depicted over a long distance of around two and a half minutes long Clips – but as a victim. “My mother always tells me, I have to smile and a happy face on me. She told me that I would be destined to be the world Laugh and to bring joy,” Phoenix’s voice be heard at the beginning.

joy and pain

Even on a reasonably successful Date, he seems to be in a scene of the Trailer. But literally every second of the madness begins around him (and to rise in him), be always ashamed urigeres Clowns Outfit reflects his Psyche. At the end of the video, it is clear that far more people with clown masks and Make-to pull up by the streets and anarchic riots. Also actor Robert De Niro (75) is to be seen in a setting, in short, to be involved as a TV presenter instrumental in spot change for the super villains.

The Fans are excited

now it is clear how well this grim mixture of human abysses and tragedy by Director Todd Phillips (48, “the Hangover”) to the public. Within a short time the Trailer would be viewed half a Million Times, the comments come thick and fast in anticipation and praise for the main actor Phoenix. And also the word Oscar appears again and again in the texts – for the Phoenix so far, “only” three times nominated.

Whether it’s Film, and actor this juicy laurels also to meet, learn German moviegoers and Comic book Fans this year. 17. October, Joaquin Phoenix’s journey can be down admired in the madness.