Jon Cryer plays in the quarter of a season of “Supergirl” the villain Lex Luthor

©2012 PETER WEST – ACE Pictures/image collect

a Lot of New Fans expected to be in the quarter of a season of “Supergirl”. After a first image of the Transgender heroine Dreamer was published, the creators of the next character: Superman arch-Nemesis Lex Luthor. Because Supergirl (Melissa Benoist, 30) get it now, to do with him. Is embodied the villain of Jon Cryer (53), which most know as a Loser-types, Alan Harper from “Two and a Half Men”. However, the transformation from Sitcom-Softie Super-villains can more than see how the official Instagram Account of the series, shared the photo proves.

The photo is supposed to indicate that Luthor is already in custody for a while. Of course he will put Supergirl and her people, in spite of jail a lot of problems. His first appearance as Lex Luthor Cryer, by the way, in the episode “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”, what at the 15. March will be broadcast in the United States about the channel “The CW”. In Germany, the series will run, among other things, about the streaming services from Amazon and iTunes.