Borowski (Axel Milberg) has a suspect and observed the Suspect, Peggy

©NDR/Christine Schroeder

In the latest Kiel “Tatort: Borowski and the happiness of the Other,” come, Axel Milberg (62), aka Klaus Borowski a cashier of a super market on the ropes. You murdered your neighbor out of greed and envy, because they believed that he had hit the lottery Jackpot. Nevertheless, the Commissioner is surprisingly compassionate towards the perpetrator, even though he already suspects that Peggy is the killer. For Milberg actually logical for his role: “The empathy Borowskis is a part of the information gathering.”

she was real, and that’s why the investigators understand it is easier for people who are under suspicion. “Besides, most of the motifs are really understandable if you a little bit of trouble,” says Milberg. Just the envy, for him, is a comprehensible topic for a Thriller: “The whole capitalist system is based on consumption and Competition. How to play not to be the envy of a Central role?” Therefore, the happiness consultant would say: “don’t compare yourself!”

His role of Klaus Borowski on the other hand is Unencumbered happy: “. He carries around nothing Heavy.” This would distinguish it from many of his colleagues. Also that he have no wife, does not appear to change anything on this fact, the Borowski underscores even with the cynical phrase “the woman” is missing for the happiness in the movie. “He flirts a bit with his joy at being alone,” says Milberg pointed out, “fortunately, the wife is missing me, I’m lucky, because the missing…”