It was one of the most important Features of the iPhone X: thanks to the new technology, the Face ID, the device was easy to unlock by holding it in front of the face. Since then, lots and lots of Smartphones are advertised with face detection. The Problem: far too many with the simplest of Tricks crack.

it showed a detailed study of the Dutch and enjoyment of the “Consumentenbond”. She tried to lead the Smartphones with easy Frontal images on the ice, as you can pull without a lot of effort from Social Media. The frightening result: out Of 110 tested Smartphones were 42 out of a photo fool you – 38 percent of the tested devices. 6 other devices were in the Standard-setting to photo messenger but a stricter Version of the detection, which remained safe. This needs to be enabled.

among many Smartphones, from Samsung as the current Galaxy A8, almost all of the modern Sony-Smartphone, Nokia and Lenovo are Affected Smartphones, as well as the P20 series from Huawei. A full list can be found here.

Therefore, the face detection is mostly secure


Stolen fingerprints: How the Darknet, your Biodata will be traded

The simple reason for the uncertain detection the shoddy implementation is: When the affected Smartphones, it was probably adjusted just a picture of the front camera with the existing data and if they Match, the device unlocks. The most important factor – a test that it is not a static image was left out.

The error is annoying because the pioneer Apple made it better right from the start: Face ID does not rely on pure image recognition, but scans by means of an infrared Matrix each Time the face in 3D. It can even be checked, whether the eyes are open. Through the time-consuming method Face, ID be even more secure than the fingerprint Scanner Touch ID, promises Apple.

GPS Tracking

is your iPhone always saves where you are – so you can leave the snoops

By Malte Mansholt pure image recognition is not secure know better: Samsung’s flagship models like the Galaxy S9 or the Note 9 in contrast to the cheap models do not trick, also, Huawei’s newer Mate, 20 was not deceived by the photo. Both of these are in addition to the face detection on additional measures, S9 and Note 9 bring about an Iris Scanner. Other Android manufacturers rely on the front camera to analyze the activation, but factors such as tiny movements in the face, in order to Unlock the safe.

Really recommended for the face detection is if you like the iPhone or Samsung’s Premium models is a further safety barrier with clear, a biometric data is built in. Luckily, there are in most Smartphones, anyway a safer and convenient Alternative, With the exception of the iPhone all modern smart phones offer a fingerprint Scanner.

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