A new Service for sick leave, by WhatsApp met with medical representatives to criticism.

The medical associations in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein rates of the use of the Online offer, a Hamburg-based company – “for privacy reasons”, such as the Medical Director of the schleswig-Holstein chamber, Carsten Leffmann, the German press Agency said.

Similar to Nicola Timpe of the chamber of Physicians of Hamburg, said. In addition, the legal basis of the Online clarification about the offer, she said. It could be that employers recognise such a sick case.

The company AU-note since the week before Christmas, Sick sick by WhatsApp for nine Euro, so far this Service is used Erkankte, however, only a dozen. For Sick leave must be completed on the Internet first, a form in which the classic cold symptoms are queried.

further communication with a health care professional – including personal data and photo of the insurance card – successes over the encrypted Messenger service, and corresponds to the General data protection regulation, said the founder of the company Can Ansay.

this offer was in the last year, loosening of the so-called remote treatment ban. Also, the sick leave would have to be recognized by the funds, even if these were issued by a private doctor without Treasury approval.